one direction images

Hey directioners
just comment
.what you look like
.what boy
sorry i dont do dirty ome's


2. *Megan and Niall

I was on my way home from a long day at work and i just can't wait to get home to my boyfriend niall yeah i know what your thinking yeah its NIALL HORAN out of 1D. When i got outside the house there was anouther car in the driveway must be a friend when i opened the door there was no sign of niall all i heard was screaming coming from upstair NO he isnt with anouther girl he wouldnt do that to me. When i opened the bedroom door he was in bed with a slut "GET OUT you slut" I basically screamed in her face draggung her of the bed by her hair "and you how,WHY would you do this to me" i screamed before running out the door "Wait babe" he said grabbing hold of my arm "let go of me"i spat in his face "No im sorry i should never of done that im sorry i was angry at myself for leaving you last night im sorry" he said bursting into tears "its fine" i said kissing him passionitly the rest of that we watched scary movies and kissed and hugged and fell asleep in each others arms

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