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Cass is your normal girly girl she is funny and crazy around her friends not shy, but when it comes to boys they dont know she exist. her tow bestfriends are not shy whit guys and gets'em all usally. and that is Lola and Marya. Lola is on a guy namde chris but cass knows hes into somone else. cass does also have crush on chris and hopes that the other girl is her. but will Lola get him first? will he fall for Cass or Lola? who is the mystry girl? and is it cass'es fault no boy likes her does she puah them away? read to find out...


1. cast

this is Cass short for casidina is a normal girly girl. loves dresses and shoes... and boys <3. but she  is verry shy around boys. she has never had a real boyfriend. she has a secret crush on a boy named chris. the boy had ignored her untill now when they got in the same class in high school. and he is verry sweet whit her. but her bestfriend Lola cinda calimed him before cass had anything to say. so she has no idea what to do.

    this is Lola also freshman in high school. she is strongly confident and gets almost anny boy. but chris is the class/school hottie and he's playing hard to get. not only this she can feel that there is something going on between cass her bff and chriss. but shes not afraid of a challenge. plus she knowes how shy cass is around boys. and if cass gets him then she will get an enemy to!!!!!!

    this is Marya she is also one of the confident ones. she gets any guy whit only a blink of an eye. but still is a loyal friend she wont take a friends guy... or will she. many guys askes her out  but she still says NO!?! she has her own littel boy drama going on with taylor. but will her friends be ther if it goes wrong or will she have to deal whit this on her own.

this is chris. he is the school hottie and this is only freshman year. but hes not your typical popular boy that sleeps around with everyone. no he likes to play'em so they fall for him. at his old school he never realy noticed cass. but now he's in her class he sees her. but there is another girl to Lola but she is more of a one time screw thing. but still he verry atracted to her. plus he's the most popular boy on school he cat fall in love or can he






cass PVO                                                                                                                              --------------


i walked in to my class. i saw chriss at he's seat and Lola was all over him. i saw he liked to talk to her. even doughhe told me he was trying to get somone else.but he wont tell me who? a sceret littel hope want it to be me. but why would he like me? and why now?

(L-Lola C-Chris CA-Cass)

CA- Hey guys, i put my things on my desk next to chris (i know i sit next to him OMG!!)

C- hey Cass!, his face brigthend and his smile when he saw me awww so cute

L- hayyy gurl, lola said casualy

CA- how u all doin?

C-great u?

CA- am good thank you 


I saw that chris wanted to say something but the clock beat him to it. math ahhhhhhhh i hate it i dont understand a thing. but luckely Chris does so he helps me. when  our teacher was done talking and we were going to work on some tasks i turnd my head.

(C-Chris CA-Cass)

CA- so what did u want to say

C- what do u mean

CA- well before the bell went of it looked like u wanted to say something or was it to Lola

i looked down on the last part.

C- ohhhh ummm well iwaswonderingifyouwouldgotoapartywitme.

i barly understood what he said but it was something about going to a party with him.  OMG!! i fangirled a littel in side 

CA- yes i would love to!!!!



C-ill pick u up at your place at six'o'clock on saturday

CA- okey <3


when the bell rang i was so happy i walked over to Lola and Marya.

(L-lola CA-cass M-marya)

CA- guss what just happend??

L- idk lola said annoyed

M- what

CA- chris asked me to a party this saturday


i looked down at my clock it was 09.12

CA- gotta run my next class starts in 3 minutes

in that class i got to think that Lola looked pissed on shit what have i done with saying yes to go to that party.


so my lovely reader tell me what you think so ill post more soon hope u like it if u have any ideas or questions send to my kik-mybestfriendslover or mail- tell me what u think comment like favoritt love ya








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