it all started...

when the girl that always dreams of meeting niall horan.Goes to there concert.What she dosent know, is that she will one day wake up with niall horan next to her holding her hand till she wakes. She finds out liam and harry fancy her also will she get caught up in the drama and leave?


2. ~

hello so this is going to be my first chapter so im not really good at this so give me feed back (:

"All she wanted is to go to a concert, why did it have to come to this" as her mother yelled this in only a room with some chairs and her daughter in a hospital bed laying still because of her coma.

*2 days before*

"I can't believe we are going to meet them!"as her friend yells all Quinn was thinking about was meeting her idols Harry,Niall,Liam,Louis,and Zayn. What her best friend didn't know is she has the biggest crush Niall and Harry but mostly Niall. No one knew, but to night her friend was determine to make a good impression but mostly harry she was in love with harry.

*later at the concert*

Me and Bella are standing in line waiting to go inside the arena. When we were walking in everyone saw them and them was one direction. When i finally saw them i locked eyes with some one but not just any some one Niall, Niall Horan.  that was the last thing i saw before everything went black then everything flashed white i was running from what i couldn't tell you. 

Then i hear a slam and some one say its all my fault and a slight touch on my hand. My blackness fades away i open my eyes and i see that in in a white room with five boys standing around me, but not just any five boys the boys everyone knows one direction. When i look to my right i see the blue eyed Irish Niall when i do he grabs my hand. I notice Liam standing at the end of my bed. He asked how i'm doing i answer with a simple fine but i can't help but to notice he wont make eye contact with me when i notice i fell really bad about myself he fades and i look right back into Nialls blue eyes.

A/N sorry it took so long guys i have been really busy but this is the first chapter sorry if it wasn't that long or right punctuation but ill work on that thanks (: PEACE xx 

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