it all started...

when the girl that always dreams of meeting niall horan.Goes to there concert.What she dosent know, is that she will one day wake up with niall horan next to her holding her hand till she wakes. She finds out liam and harry fancy her also will she get caught up in the drama and leave?


4. 3


I guess you could tell that i liked Quinn i liked every thing about her.  Even her name everything was original. Her eyes just everythi- stop harry let Niall have her you can have any other girl.  Just this time let niall have her. What worries me is when we got to the hospital her mom was there.  When we got in to the room she left in a hurry she looked pissed.  We havent seen her since then not even a word.  Quinn seems really cool i wonder if she would want to go on tour with us.  I'll talk to the guys tonight about it i mean she didnt scream in our face.  Plus she is really beautiful.  Has deep green eyes ugg i need to stop that. Only as a friend but i can't.  You think she is beyond beautiful i got snapped out of my thoughts buy Louis.

'you really like her dont you' he says with a mischievous grin on his face.  I look at him for a little longer then i finally answer 

"nahh just seams like a good friend thats all" i lied big time and he could tell it.  We both look at Liam and he looks very uncomfortable.  So apparently me,Niall,and Liam all fancy this girl way to hard. 




I was sitting on the bed when Niall walks in.  He slams the door i knew something was wrong.  He had that confused expression on his face when he looked up.  He was about to get ready to say something.  Instead we lock eyes with him we sit there for a minute until he finally broke the silence.

"are you hungry" he said with a smile. 

"HELL YA" i yell way to happy.  He laughs and asked the doctor if he can take me out to dinner.  The doctor took more test and let me go.  By that time i was starving he pulls into a Nandos parking lot. Of course its Niall Horan wants to go to Nandos.  I cant help to think my mother hasn't talked to me all day.  Right now i want to enjoy my time with Niall, with his deep Irish accent, his deep blue eyes.  Then another picture comes up in my mind Liam with his kindness.  Also Harry but that gets put away quickly because harry could be less interested.  I got interrupted by my phone going off it was a unknown number.  I answer it anyway but its not what i want to hear.  


hello my little children 

thank you for reading my fan fiction please give me feed back i want to know what you guys think thank you to the people that liked, favorite, commented, or even just reads the fanfiction i would like to see more than go tell your friends about it go tell every obe to read it okay thanks guys (: 



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