it all started...

when the girl that always dreams of meeting niall horan.Goes to there concert.What she dosent know, is that she will one day wake up with niall horan next to her holding her hand till she wakes. She finds out liam and harry fancy her also will she get caught up in the drama and leave?


3. ~2


I can't even look at her, she is so stunning. her name is Quinn New at least that's what it says on her chart.  She was so beautiful before she opened her eyes but she is so beautiful.  She still has her flaws but you can tell she doesn't have interested in me. She keeps staring at Niall like he is something special, i cant let him take her.



I can see the way Liam was looking at her. He had the same thoughts as me flawless. But some thing inside me wants to go off on him wait is this jealousy, am i jealous that Liam likes her to? even though i saw her at the concert we locked eyes with her i saw that fan pull her down her blacking out i was there for everything i ran to her pushing every one and everything just to get to her i got there right as she fell i then knew it was my fault but the way we locked eyes i know she felt the same way i did at that moment in time knowing Liam very well i know he is not going to stop until he has her. do i fancy quin? i hear my name being called it snapped me from my thought it was harry he said we had to leave now doctors orders but i wanted to stay her i asked her and she was really excited about it harry smile went to a frown when she accepted it no i know harry Fancy's her too.


hello my peps sorry if you have been waiting for this chapter i think none has but here it is im sorry that i havent updated it in a while with drama and school and stuff but i got this i can try let me just say me and my fellow directioners in my school broke out into full out one direction flash mob singing they dont know about us how i love them fun day today XD




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