Stay With Me

"Please don't leave just stay with me"I said as I see her walk out the door 
"Sorry but I have to leave now, it so nice meeting you I'll miss you and I won't forget you"She replied and I saw tears falling down her beautiful blue eyes
"I Love You"I said to her and she turn around and look at me
"I Love You Too"She replied, tears falling down her beautiful eyes as she close the door

Leaving me in the floor crying my eyes out and Calum came and went near me rubbing my back 

"You did the right thing and let her go"Calum said
"I know but I love her and it hurts letting her go so easily"I replied tears falling down
"I know,I'm gonna miss her"He replied smiling at me
"Me too"I replied

If you want to know more about what happen here, you should read this 5 Seconds Of Summer Fanfic
and if you are thanks and in joy reading.:)


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Calum's POV *pep* *pep* *pep* *pep* Ugh,why that's the sounds keeps on repeating. I open my eyes and look at my nightstand it's 4:00 in the morning why is my alarm ringing,then I check my phone and look at my calendar. Oh shit,today's the day that Lauren will come home. I quickly went into my bathroom brush my teeth really fast,fix my hair toke my clothes off and quickly went to get some clean and nice ones, after doing that I quickly look for some shoes and just found my converse,I quickly wore it and took my phone with some money and went downstairs. When I reach the living room,I saw my mum sitting there will eating some cereal. "Morning Cal"My mum said "Morning mum"I replied kissing her cheek "Why so up early?"She ask "Oh,Lauren is going home today and me and her dad are gonna meet her at the   airport"I replied smiling thinking my bestfriend is coming home "Really?!?!?,since the day Vivian and Ron broke up,that was the day that I saw little Lau"My mum said smiling "Yep and that was the last day I last talk to her,but now she'll be living here in Australia with her dad and I can spend more time with her"I replied smiling happily "That's good Cal,she'll be living her with her dad and you too can catch up with everything"My mum said smiling then I heard a car pull up at our drive way "Maybe that's Ron,now go see your  bestfriend cuz you two haven't seen each other for years"My mum said standing up and kissing cheek "Bye mum"I said getting my jacket from the rack "Bye Cal"She replied waving Then I was out of the house and into the car. "Morning Calum"Ron said smiling "Mornin' Ron"I replied while buckling my seatbelt  "So ready to see Lauren"He said "Yep ready then ever"I replied We were already in the airport waiting for Lauren to come out of the plane,When I saw a familiar red hair that I just saw yesterday in my phone. "Lau!!!!"I shouted and she turn around and smiled happily "Cal!!!!!"She shouted back running with her suitcase and her duffle bag jumping up and down. As she comes near us she let go of her suitcase and put her duffle down and ran to me hugging me tightly. "Calum"She said hugging me like she don't want to let me go "Laurence,I miss you so much"I said smelling her and remembering her wildberry scent. "Ohhh,you still smell the same it's like you never left"I said "You too,you still smell the same"She replied breaking the hug  Then looking at her dad that had that had tears in his blue eyes,and she quickly went to her dad hug him then start crying. "Daddy,I really really miss you"She said tears falling down "Me too baby girl I also miss you"He replied hugging her like theres no tomorrow "Look your all grown-up, your not anymore the little girl that I use to carry all the time"Ron said to Lauren "Yeah, I'm the not the little girl that you love to carry all the time"She replied smiling "So let's go?"I ask them cuz I still got class "Yeah we need to go now,Calum still have class this morning"Lauren said while hugging my forearm "Ok,we'll go now"Ron replied taking Lauren's suitcase and duffle bag We were in the car on are way back home,when Ron suddenly said something. "Lauren you'll be going to school with Calum today,and I know in London you already graduated high school but here its different.Ok"He said to Lauren "Sure dad,but do I have a uniform to wear for school?"She ask "Yes it's already on your room, you'll be going to Norwest Christian College with Calum"He replied Lauren's POV We drove going to Calum's house and drop him off there to get ready for class.My house was only 3 blocks far from his house,so we got there quick. "Lauren get ready now,you still got class"My dad said by the door with my suitcase "Ok dad"I replied running to the stairs and to my old room. My room was now Blue Green not anymore the annoying pink my mum pick. And my duvets were green with musical notes on it also my pillows. My carpet was a fluffy blue carpet that you really wanna lay down on. My room had a flat screen TV awesome. I had a little couch on my room that was white I also have 5 bin bags in my floor. Also a nightstand with a lava lamp on it. And last but not the least my walk in closet where my old clothes were still in there hangers. I then went back in my room and found my dad on the door smiling happily at me,I quickly ran to him and hug him. "Thank you dad"I said to him hugging "Your welcome,I'll do anything for my little girl"He said kissing my head "Now get ready you don't want to miss school do you?"He said/ask "No"I replied and got my suitcase and my dad smiled before closing the door "Ok now, I'll have to take a short shower,change to my uniform,fix my hair,and eat breakfast.easy"I said to my self I quickly went to my suitcase and got my fluffy blue towel out and my wild berry shampoo and conditioner with my wild berry scent soap. I like the smell of wild berry if you ask.Also my comb  I strip my clothes off and put them on my laundry basket and hop into the shower and let the hot water hit my body. I got my shampoo with conditioner and put a little amount of it in my hands and start massaging it into my scalp,then rinse it off I got my soap and start rubbing it around my body,then rinse it off,I got out of the shower and rap my towel around my tiny body. I went to my room open my suitcase and start to search for my undergarments and then found my white lace ones and quickly got them on. I went to my bed and got my school uniform,I first got the skirt on without shorts (I'm a bit of slutty so don't ask) then my blouse with my neck tie. I went to my suitcase again bending and feeling that my white lace underwear can be seen good and got my shoes with my socks and blowdryer out. I went to my dresser and plug my blowdryer on and start to blow-dry my hair and put it into a braid. I got my bag with my phone,brush,wallet,my textbooks,ballpens,pencils,a notebook and my camera. I went down stairs and found my dad in the table with a newspaper in hand and coffee in the table. "Hey dad"I said walking to him and kissing his cheek his replied was a nod.  I went to the fruit bowl and got a banana and went to the fridge and got a bottle of water. "I have to go now dad"I said  "Ok and here's your allowance"He replied giving me my allowance  "Be safe at school Lau"He said while I close the door. And I found Calum sitting at my porch smiling with his backpack. "Hello there my lady"He said in a weird English accent "Shut up Cal"I said  "Ok"He replied "So let's walk to school?"I ask "Ok,let's go!!"He said leading the way We were walking for 10 minutes then we reach my new school Norwest Christian College. "Ok are you ready for this Lau?"He ask "I'm ready"I said bravely We walk to a tree where there were 3 lads hanging out before class start. "Hey there lads"Calum said giving each of the boys a high fives "Hey Calum"A boy with sandy blond hair with brown eyes said "Mornin' mate"Another blond said that had his hair in a weird style "Morning Cal"A guy with blond hair and blue eyes said and he look cute. "Who you got there behide your back Cal"The boy with brown eyes said "Oh lads,This is Laurence but you can call her Lauren for short she's a long lost bestfriend of mine"He said and I wave at them "Hi there Lauren,I'm Ashton"The brown eyed boy said "Hi"I said under my breath so no one can hear me  "Hey there buttercup,I'm Michael"The boy that had a weird hair style said "Hi it's nice to meet you Lauren,I'm Luke"The cute blond boy said and I wave at him as a response cuz I was so shy "I think Lauren is shy meeting you guys"Calum said smiling down at me Luke's POV "I think Lauren is shy meeting you guys"Calum said smiling down at Lauren "Don't be shy,we will see alot of each other the whole year"Ashton said "Yep Ashton's right"I replied "Ok"I heard her say for the first time her voice was a bit of husky but cute "So Lauren, do you already have your schedule and locker number"I ask "Yeah it's in my bag let me get it"She replied searching for the paper "Here you go"She said handling me her schedule with the locker number I look at it and found out that Lauren had all the same class as Calum does,I look at sadly on it but I still have English,Algebra,History and Gym with her and the other subjects with Micheal and Nothing for Ashton cuz his older then us. I give her back her schedule but her locker was beside mine so I'm so happy. "Calum and you have all the same class"I said to her "Oh ok,but do you know where my locker is?"She said/ask "Your locker is just right beside mine"I replied smiling at her "Ok"She replied smiling Then the first bell ring indicating that we should get ready for class,we all walk together to the campus and alot of people were crowding the halls. And we made it to my locker with Lauren beside me. "So this your locker"I said pointing at locker that was beside mine "Thanks"She said opening her locker.
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