Stay With Me

"Please don't leave just stay with me"I said as I see her walk out the door 
"Sorry but I have to leave now, it so nice meeting you I'll miss you and I won't forget you"She replied and I saw tears falling down her beautiful blue eyes
"I Love You"I said to her and she turn around and look at me
"I Love You Too"She replied, tears falling down her beautiful eyes as she close the door

Leaving me in the floor crying my eyes out and Calum came and went near me rubbing my back 

"You did the right thing and let her go"Calum said
"I know but I love her and it hurts letting her go so easily"I replied tears falling down
"I know,I'm gonna miss her"He replied smiling at me
"Me too"I replied

If you want to know more about what happen here, you should read this 5 Seconds Of Summer Fanfic
and if you are thanks and in joy reading.:)


1. Chapter 1

"Lauren come back here!!"My angry mother said, As I walk out of the door with my suit case and duffle bag "Bye mom"I said and walk out of the house and into the cab that was waiting for me I was moving out of my house cuz I can't take it anymore even my sister didn't cuz our mom has been having problems and she always blames us about her problems and its so hard to live in my life, Im moving out at my moms house at the age of 16 I already  graduated high school and I was moving to Australia where my dad lives.I'll be living with him cuz I don't have enough money to rent a flat it's to much for me and I'm still gonna look for a job that pays be right. My phone suddenly rang and I press answer. "Hello"I said "Heard that your going back to Australia"A very familiar voice "Don't tell me it's Calum"I replied "Ofcourse it's me we've been friend since diaper days"He replied "Yep we've been bestfriends since diaper days"I replied chuckling "I miss you Lau can't wait to see you so I called you"He says happily "I can see that Calum"I replied were really having a random conversation  "Can we use FaceTime?"He question "Sure we can,I'll wait for you to call"I replied and then hung up  Then my phone rang again it was my FaceTime, I put my headset on and press answer "Hey there butterfly"Calum said smiling at me "Hey there coconut"I replied smiling at him "Look your all grown up but your lovely accent is still there"Calum said chuckling "And you my friend still look the same since the day that I felt you"I replied smiling "Yeah, Oh! Did you know that in my band we got a new member?!?!?!?"He ask so suddenly "Cal I don't even know you had a band"I replied my husky accent showing "Oh yeah I didn't tell you"He replied making a goofy smile "Maybe I'll meet them when I'm home Cal, but you still have to wait cuz I'm still far from the airport"I said my little speech to Calum "Oh yeah and I'll still wait 18 hours for you to come home"He replied making a sad face "Aww don't be sad Cal I don't want you to be sad"I replied also making a sad face "Your right you don't want to see me sad cuz I'll look ugly"He replied "Yep cuz you'll look like my old grandfather"I said under my breath "Hey!!! You got to far with that, I won't even look like your grandfather"He says crossing his arms "Ok ok that was just a joke, geez I didn't know you'll really take that joke"I replied, his only reply was sticking his tongue out at me "Oh gotta go now Lau, I still got class tomorrow, see you tomorrow at the airport"He said smiling at me "Yeah you've have to sleep now and see you also at the airport"I replied "Bye Lau"He said waving goodbye "Bye Cal"I replied also waving goodbye then press End I put my phone back in my bag and look out the window "Nice weather were having right"The cab driver suddenly said "Yes we are having a nice weather today"I replied smiling at him "Was that an old friend of yours that you were talking with?"He ask  "Yes a very old friend of mine"I replied smiling "I'm Henry by the way"He said introducing his self "I'm Lauren"I replied smiling at him  "You have a pretty name Lauren"He said smiling at me "Thank you and you to have lovely name"I replied It took an hour drive to the airport, me and Mr.Henry had a nice conversation and I gave him a little tip for giving me a nice talk. Right now im in the airport with my suitcase, duffle bag and my little sling bag, I'm walking to the ticket outlet where I'm going to get my reserve ticket "Hi I'm Jen, how may I help you"The girl in the counter ask "Oh I'm getting my reserve ticket that has been already paid, it's under the name Laurence Mitchell"I replied smiling at her "Oh yes Ms.Mitchell your ticket is from London,UK to Sydney,Australia right?"She said/ask "Yes that is right"I replied "Here you go, your flight will be called in 10 minutes, just put your suitcase here and you can wait in the waiting area until your flight is called"She said smiling at me "Thanks"I said as I put my suitcase in the place where she told me to and got my ticket and start to walk into the waiting area    I was sitting in the waiting area when my phone suddenly rang,I took it out and press answer "Hello"I said "Lau it's dad,I miss you so much"I hear my fathers voice say "Hey dad, I also miss you so much"I replied smiling to my self "I cant wait to see you, I haven't heard from you in years"My dad said and I can hear sniffing "Dad don't tell me your about to cry"I said in a sad tone "It's just that,the last time I heard your voice is when you were 11 years old"He replied while sniffing "I know dad if mom didn't toke me with her to come to UK, I would have been there with you"I replied in a sad tone "Your right, I wish I had fight for you so your mom didn't take custody of you but I didn't"My dad said while sniffing,then I heard my flight being called "Dad, I have to go now my flights been called I'll see you and Calum at the airport tomorrow ok"I said to him while sniffing "Ok, I'll wait for you at the airport with Calum. Bye Lau"My dad said "Bye dad"I replied then hung up  I put my phone on airplane mode, and put it in my bag.I stand up and carry my duffle bag with me,my ticket in my hands and my little sling bag around my body I was already at the plane,I took my MacBook out of my duffle bag put my headset on and went to my iPod and play the songs that were on my playlist.I check if there was free wifi and there was then I connected it on my laptop and went to twitter and check if anything cool is happening. Nothing was really happening but people are talking about a band that is from Australia but I was not interested so I just turn my laptop off and went to sleep I woke up to a sound of a kid crying,I look at my side and found a little girl crying beside me "Shhh,why are you crying?"I ask "I…woke up from a bad dream that my mommy leave me alone"She said while rubbing her eyes and sniffing "Shhh,I don't think your mommy will leave you"I said smiling at her while rubbing her back "Ok"She replied looking at me her Gray  eyes all happy "I'm Lauren,what your name little girl"I said/ask "I'm Reny"She replied "Wow, you have a beautiful name Reny"I said smiling at her "You too, you have a really pretty name I wish I have the same name as you"She said smiling at me  "But your names prettier than mine"I said smiling at her
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