You promised.

You promised you would never forget me, you promised you'd call, you promised you'd come back,
but promises are made to get broken right?


3. The concert.

 Emmas P.o.v 


" Omg you can understand we are actually here ?!? "
I'm definitely deaf before I come away from here.
They do not even come on stage yet, and I've seen 1000 girls cry, or scream at the top of their lungs, I saw even five who fainted.

No no no no , front row I'd rather be the very back , where no one can see me.
The lights were brought up on stage , and in came 5 bouncing and happy dorks "Your insecure don't know what for you're turning heads, when you walk through the door ..... " There he was , the same beautiful green eyes and beautiful smile with dimples appear. His pupils stared straight into my " Baby you light up my world like nobody else my, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you at the ground it ain't hard to tell, you don't know oh oh YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!"His eyes never left mine, I could feel the heat coming into my cheeks I smiled and looked down .........
" Okay, guys , we will hear you sing, with our newest song BEST SONG EVER! " " Come on everbody ! Maybe it 's the way she walked , OW straight in to my heart and stole it, through the doors , and past the guards , OW just like she already owned it!" Harry song with so much passion . I wish he had never forgotten me , so I could have supported him through it all. Rumors about Taylor, and there first single. Maybe it was because he was embarrassed to be seen with me, I'm is just normal boring to me , and he is every girl 's dream."Thank you everybody for the best concert ever, WE LOVE YOU!" Liam screamed and run out "FOR NANDOS" shouted Naill and ran out.
We were going to meet One Direction, I wasn't nervous to meet them, but to see Harry again. What if he hates me, or don't remember me, or just do not want anything to do with me? All the thoughts ran through my head while we went up to their room to meet them."Hello love i'm Louis the Tommo Tomlinson" Louis smiled " um hi i'm Emma" i bit my lip my lip, and looked down. meanwhile a blush crept up on my cheeks  "Emma??" i looked up with tears in the eyes, there he stood with guilt written over hole his face. I couldn't do it, i run "EMMA! Please hear me out, please Emma"cried Harry, in while he ran after me "why Harry has been two years, TWO YEARS! Where you have ignored me, you promised you would never leave me," I sobbed out  " Emma i know. Just please let me explain" he looked me right in the eyes " Im sorry Harry i really am but sorry i cant" and then run. I stopped only when I came to a park and climbed up a tree and sat and cried my heart out.

Harry P.o.v
Fuck fuck fuck, how could I forget my best friend?! Her I have the biggest crush on her who supported me throughout the x-factor. I left her, I broke my promises. I can understand if she not will forgive me, I wouldn't forgive me. But no matter what, I will do everything for she's mine and she forgives me.


Long chapter yay 

Monday tomorrow noooooooooooooo!-.- 

~Niko <3 


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