You promised.

You promised you would never forget me, you promised you'd call, you promised you'd come back,
but promises are made to get broken right?


1. He´s WHAT???

Emmas P.o.v 


2 years ago 


Promise never to forget me 

I promise baby i will never forget you and will always come back 



I promise yeah right.-_-' 

Hi im Emma im 17 years, and 5,4 i know small dont judge me. I have blond hair, and ice blue eyes, 

oh and my bellybutton is pierced. My ex-best friend is Harry Styles, yeah i know shocker. He promised to never forget me, but guess what? It had ben 2 years and he have ignored  me since he got famous



Hey its first time a write a story but i hope you like it, 


Peace out 

-Niko <3




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