Within the shadows


2. From the darkness (Teaser #2)

All I could hear was the sound of them, coming from behind me, their feet stomping on the ground; chasing me; and my heart racing; unfortunately for me, they would be able to hear that too. I knew they would catch up soon enough.

And it will all be over for me.

It was pouring rain and I honestly don't know why I was even out there; I just had a sudden urge to go for a walk outside at 3 am. 

And no..... I wasn't drunk.

All I know now is that I shouldn't have gone out. This is the last thing that I remember from before I turned.

Back to what happened.

So they were chasing me, for what seemed like hours; but was actually only minutes. When they caught me I felt a bite, then another. I heard a voice, they said "Don't kill her, we will need her later."

But they didn't stop.

This went on for a minute before I blacked out.

I thought I was dead...

Then again I wish I was.

I would rather be dead then be what I am now...

A monster.

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