I wanna save your heart tonight

Ariel Edwards is a senior at her local high school. When she entered high school she had a lot of friends, but as months progressed she lost them all. People began to hate her and that's when the bullying began. She is a very talented singer and has a great passion for music that no one knows about. Her old best friend told everyone a huge secret about her when they got into a big fight in 9th grade. This secret made everyone's opinion change about Ariel. Since then people have been bullying her. She is now depressed and suicidal, and has been cutting herself for 3 years. Louis Tomlinson is the new kid in town and the first person he meets is Ariel. He finds out about all her bullying and problems and wants to help her


2. Tom Brady

Tom's POV: As I was beginning to walk to my first class I saw Ariel. She looks gorgeous today, absolutely amazing. I mean yeah I pick on her and stuff ... But I only do it because I don't want to seem like a loser for being nice to her. She doesn't have the best reputation at this school. Sure she's a straight A student and one of the nicest person I have ever met. But people don't exactly like her, it's not even her fault. She couldn't control what happened to her. Oh well, I can't be the dork that's nice to her, that would completely ruin my social life. I'm the most popular boy at school, captain of the football team, and well I'm not ugly. I can't mess that up for a girl- even if she was super pretty. Snap out of it Tom. Geez when am I going to get over this girl, it's literally been 5 years of having a crush on this girl. 

Yeah I've liked her since 7th grade. She was my first friend when I moved to that school in the middle of the year. Then we got to high school and everything changed. 

"Tom! Look, the whore already found her next 'victim'!" Jeffery said while pointing towards Ariel and this guy. He looked about my height but I've never seen him before he must be a new student, to be honest. The fact that she was talking to another guy just made my blood boil with jealously. 

"Well if it isn't daddy's little whore trying to make a move on the new kid!" I yelled walking towards her. But she didn't respond she just look at the ground trying to hide her face, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. 

"Um .. Hi I'm Louis Tomlinson," the boy said to me in a weird accent, he must be an exchanged student. 

"Right new kid, here's a word of advise. Stay away from little Ariel here. She will ruin your social life and your new so you probably don't know that Ariel got-"

"Tom .. Please don't. Can I just have a normal first day of school, for once please?" She said to me with pleading eyes, I could see a little tear in the corner of her eye. I gave into her pleads 

"Whatever, I have class. Bye new kid, bye whore," I scoffed

Louis's POV: Well that was very rude. Ariel didn't even do anything to her and he was being so hateful towards her. But I was determined to try and cheer her up! She looked like she was going to cry once he walked away. 

"Hey Ariel do you like carrots?" She laughed a little at my random question, that was the first time I heard her laugh. 

"Yeah I guess? Why?" She said laughing in between the sentences/questions 

"Oh no reason. It's just I like girls who eat carrots. I'm starting to like you more and more each second I talk to you," I smiled at her

"Oh," she said smiling looking towards the ground

"Well come on, we do have classes. Where is room 825?" I asked her

"Oh yeah! Of course, well we have to go to the 800's hall. Come on follow me. We have science funnnnn," Ariel spoke in a sarcastic tone, stretching out the 'n'

I just laughed at her, she smiled back at me. Did I mention that she has a gorgeous smile? No? Oh well she does and it literally makes my heart melt. As we walked to our class, which was on the other side of the school, she asked me questions about and what it was like there. She's a very curious person, I like that. She told me how she has always wanted to visit, I told her how she should come with me durning winter break to meet my family. 

"Sureeeee totally," she said laughing, she probably thought I was kidding

"I'm being serious!" 

"Haha yeah okay we'll see. It's still September!" She said sweetly 

I just laughed as we walk into the class room. Once we walked in there was only a few people inside. So we decided to sit down in the back. I sat next to this boy with a full head of curls. 

"Hi I'm Louis," I said to him introducing myself 

"Hey I'm Harry," I was so surprised when I heard him talk! He's British oh my gosh!- whoa Lou just turned into a white girl 

"Oh god! Your British too!!" I said almost screaming. I heard Ariel laugh next to me. I look at her and smile then turn back to Harry 

"Haha yeah, I'm an exchanged student. First year in American. I heard there were 4 others that were exchanged. I've only met 1- well now 2. You and this Irish lad names Niall. Today's his birthday as a matter of fact. He told me in the office. I personally think that having the first day of school on a Friday is a bit stupid, but yeah today's his birthday. Kinda sucks having a birthday on 'Friday the thirteenth'" he said putting air quotes around Friday the thirteenth. 

"Oh cool maybe I can meet him at lunch," 

"Yeah and maybe we can look for the other 3 lads,"

*ding ding* the bell rang signaling it was time for class to start

"Okay class. I am your teacher Ms.Romeo. Now I know it's the first day of school but I would like to have you guise get into groups of three. I will be handing out a sheet of paper with questions. I would like you three to ask your partners questions and fill the paper out. It's pretty self explanatory. Once I give you guise your paper you may begin. Oh also tomorrow you all will be telling your classmates what you learned about your partners. Okay begin," 

Yay! Group work!

"Hey do you guise all want to be in a group?" I asked Harry and Ariel 

"I'm fine with it what about you .. Um what's your name again?" Harry asks

Ariel's POV: Harry asked me what my name was. I forgot I didn't tell him my name. Smooth Ariel smooth. I mentally face palm myself. 

"Oh! Right, sorry I'm Ariel nice to meet you. And um yeah I'm fine with working with you two," I smiled at both of them thinking that this was like a fresh start. They didn't know about what happened to me. And they don't hate me. Senior year might not be that bad after all. I might actually have friends this year ..

A/N ; okay guise can we just take a moment to realize Niall is 20 today !! Like I just had to put it in my story !! Even if it was in kinda a stupid way cx oh well. Happy birthday Nialler!!!

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