Plastered Smile

Don't you hate to always having a fake smile just to please the people around you. Oh, by the way, the name is Coraline. My mother died when I was small, I don't remember her much. But I wish I could forget all about my father... I don't truly want to go into detail. But please, listen to my story before it ends. Anyway, my story starts at school. So there's the sluts, the emo group, jocks, and bullies. Obviously I fit into emo, but I was rejected even by them. My only friend is Crystal, she's the best. But the person I hate most, is Jake and his group. Especially his best friend and also his 'bodyguard', Cage. AGH! I hate them so much!


5. Chapter 5. The End..

-Cage's P.O.V-

I knew that guy would do something to Coraline. I looked over at her sleeping self. She seemed so at peace. I glanced at her wrist that was across my chest. It was sort of awkward, but I needed to be here for her. I clenched my fists at the scars on her wrists. She rolled over, exposing a large scar running down her spine. I traced the line down her back, it slanted to her stomach. I sighed. No wonder she's distant. I sat up, looking around. I stretched and laid back down. I forgot it's Saturday. Coraline finally opened her eyes, her blue eyes glimmered as the sun hit them. "Morning." I looked at her. She faintly smiled, sitting up. She held her shoulders, remembering what happened last night. I poked her cheek gently. "Just forget about." I rolled out of her bed, stretching my arms and legs. Coraline stumbled as she got up. 

"I'm going to take a shower, there's another down the hall if you want one. And my brother's old room is next to the bathroom in case you need a new shirt, I kind of ruined yours." She timidly said, before walking into her bathroom. I strolled to the other bathroom. I prayed not to walk in on her when she was changing.

[A/N: I just noticed, most of my character's names begin with 'C!']

-Coraline's P.O.V-

  I turned on the shower, and waited till it got warm. I looked in the mirror at my neck. Damn. It! I saw a mark on the side from Chase last night. I tried not to punch the glass mirror, instead I got in the shower, trying to relax. As I was in the shower I heard a crash then Cage yell. I chuckled, I was glad he was here. I finished washing myself, then turned off the shower, stepping out. I grabbed a white towel, then wrapped it around myself. I walked out into my room, clutching my towel tightly. I looked through my closet, finding a black hoodie, white T-shirt, and gray ripped jeans. I turned with my clothes in hand, stopping to stare at Cage. His wet hair was wet and he had some of my brother's clothe on. He slapped his hand over his eyes and blindly walked out of my room. My face got red and hot. I shook my head and walked back into the bathroom. I dressed myself and applied my usual make-up to my pale face. I walked downstairs to see Cage on the couch watching TV. "Morning." I called down to him. He looked up, still embarrassed about what just happened. "Um, you hungry?" He nodded slowly, turning his head to the screen. I skipped to my kitchen, rummaging through my fridge. I grabbed eggs, bread, and bacon, then a frying pan. The bacon sizzling rang through my ears as I moved it around on the pan. My body tingled as I realized Cage was standing behind me. I finally finished cooking and Cage grabbed his share, walked to the table and started to eat. 

"This is good." Cage looked at me, face stuffed. I laughed at him. His cheeks were filled with bacon and eggs. We finished breakfast and decided to watch a movie. Cage and I sat down on the couch, waiting for the movie to play.

-Cage's P.O.V-

I bit the inside of my lip as I looked at her. I felt weird, like I was holding something back. The movie started playing and my attention focused on the screen. My eyes wondered to her then back at the screen. Half way through the movie, Coraline's eyes slowly closed and her head fall on my lap. I through my head back, trying not to scream. She turned her head to face me, eyes wide. I blinked at her, trying to act like I didn't mind. She quickly sat up embarrassedly. I leaned back, still watching the movie. "Cage?" She whispered sheepishly. I glanced at her, staring into her wide blue eyes.

"Yea?" I answered her. Obviously, I was too stupid to realize her feelings for me. "Something--" I was cut off by her soft lips against mine. I glanced around the room, not knowing what to do. I. Am. A. Moron... I finally realized I was being kissed by the girl I've liked for a long time. I closed my eyes.

-Coraline's P.O.V-

What was I doing?! I mean, it was so sudden, even for me. He's going to hate me, isn't he? I felt him snake his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. Eh, oh well. We broke apart, staring at each other awkwardly. I looked down, getting off him and walking away. "Sorry..." I whispered, quickly walking to my room. Cage grabbed my arm, spinning me around, locking our lips together again. Our lips moved in sync, he wrapped his arms around me. I curled my arms around his neck. He pulled away and smiled. 

"Well then." He laughed, still holding me. I blushed, letting go of his neck. "I have to go..." His face saddened, looking down. I whimpered and nodded. He pecked my cheek then walked out, waving. My body swelled up with tingles, I raced to my room and pounced on my bed, cuddling a pillow. 

-Next Day-

-Coraline's P.O.V-

I woke up, still thinking about what happened yesterday. I smiled to myself. Ding. I reached over to my phone and read the text message the was shown. 

'Hey Coraline, Wanna hang out today?' -Cage. I gasped happily then replied quickly. I stumbled from bed to my closest, searching through it. I grabbed a white hoodie, light gray jeans, and my red convers. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, did my make-up, and headed for the front door. I was glad that Cage literally lived next door to me, like seriously, right across the street. My phone buzzed again. 'I'm next to my house whenever you're ready.' -Cage. I replied and walked to the front door. I stepped out of my house and waved to Cage. I started walking... I guess I didn't see the car...

-Cage's P.O.V-

She waved to me then started walking, I tried to scream her name to make her stop, but it was too late... The car's tire screeched as it tried to stop. She laid there, bleeding. I fell to my knees, unable to move. The man from the car, ran to her aid, calling 911. Tears flowed from my eyes, I couldn't stop... She was gone, I couldn't save her... 

I gasped and sat up from my bed. I panted and held my chest. I placed my head in my hands, still remembering that day. "Cage, honey? Was it that dream again?" Sarah asked me, sitting up. I nodded. "Do you still visit her grave?" I turned to her and shook my head. 

Sarah and I got married 10 years ago, and we had our first kid, Cora. I love Sarah, but I can't love anyone as much as I loved Coraline. I sat up and got ready for work. I heard the chatter of Cora and Sarah. "Breakfast, Cage!" She called to me. I walked out of my room, staring at Cora who was playing with her pancakes. My body stiffened whenever I saw her... She looked so much like Coraline. 

"Hi Daddy." Cora turned her pale face to me, her skin plastered with syrup. I smiled at her, sitting next to her. Cora never smiled like Coraline, only a few times. She had the same personality too. She even has that little plastered smile...



I hope you guys enjoyed it! I know it was short, sorry! But, will there be a sequel?!

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