Plastered Smile

Don't you hate to always having a fake smile just to please the people around you. Oh, by the way, the name is Coraline. My mother died when I was small, I don't remember her much. But I wish I could forget all about my father... I don't truly want to go into detail. But please, listen to my story before it ends. Anyway, my story starts at school. So there's the sluts, the emo group, jocks, and bullies. Obviously I fit into emo, but I was rejected even by them. My only friend is Crystal, she's the best. But the person I hate most, is Jake and his group. Especially his best friend and also his 'bodyguard', Cage. AGH! I hate them so much!


4. Chapter 4.

-Coraline's P.O.V-

It has been three days since that confusing day. Thank god it was Friday, I could finally relax. My dad would be on a business trip and I'd be home alone. Crystal and James are ALWAYS hanging out, so I really never get to see her outside of school. I laid on my bed, thinking of what to do. I walked around my house a couple of times, doing absolutely nothing. I sighed and went back to my room. I grabbed gray jean shorts with a black skull pattern, and a white 'Sleeping with Sirens' t-shirt. I got dressed and skipped downstairs. I decided to walk around the park that was behind my house. I looked up at the sky as I was walking, staring at the clouds that covered the sky's blue face. A breeze chilled my skin, sending shivers through my body. I held my shoulders, trying to ignore how cold it was. The frosty breath of the wind crept along my spine as I strolled to the park. I looked around when I got to the park, no one was there. I sat near the pond, centered in the middle of the grassy meadow. I began to think about my life, for some unknown reason. Why do I always plaster a fake smile on my face? It's pointless; smiling to please others. 

"Coraline?" A familiar voice shook me from my thoughts. I turned to see my good friend. Chase. 

"Oh, Hi Chase. Its been awhile since I've seen you." I replied, letting another fake smile slide across my face. He nodded and sat by my side. "How's your mom doing?" I looked at him sheepishly. He shrugged and picked up a stone, tossing it across the pond. 

"She has been in the hospital for awhile. My dad never lets me see her." He sighed, watching the water ripple. I patted his back comfortingly. "So, how's your school?" He looked at me with soft eyes.

I sighed, with a small laugh. "Well, dramatic for sure. But it's going pretty well." Chase nodded, smiling at me. We talked for awhile before the sun began to fade. Chase was acting a bit strange as we talk further into the day. Firstly, he kept on scooting closer to me, always smiling. Secondly, he wouldn't stop staring at me... It started getting really awkward when he leaned in closer to me. I scooted away, wishing someone would come to my 'rescue.' 

"Um, Coraline? You come here too?" I turned around to see Cage. When I said someone come to my rescue, I meant Crystal. I quickly stood up and nodded. "Hmm." He looked down at Chase then at me. A small smirk appeared on his face. 

"Coraline, whose he?" Chase stood up, protectively standing by me. I sighed. 

"He's Cage. A friend from school." I looked down at my shoes, trying not to make eye contact with either of them. I could tell Chase wasn't fond of him. Chase and Cage stood their, gazing at each other. Cage was much taller then Chase and probably stronger. (Not probably, He IS.) I could feel the tension from both of them like the chilling wind around us. Chase began to try and be intimidating, by 'trying' to look stronger and taller. Chase is 6'0 feet, Cage is 6'5, and I'm the tall as Chase, so I think Cage wins the tall category.  "Uh guys? Are you two okay?" I finally spoke up.

"Coraline, lets go." Chase told me, reaching for my hand. I thought Cage would punch him right then and there, but he didn't. I shook my head, pulling my hand away from his grasp. Chase glared at Cage, then soon walked away. "Later, Coraline..." I sighed in relief as he turned his back to Cage and I.

"What's up with that dude? He sort of creeps me out." Cage looked at me. I laughed at the sound of Chase being called 'creepy.' Me and Cage sat down next to a tree and talked till the sun went to sleep. Cage sat up, brushing off his jeans and helped me up. "Here, I'll walk you home." I looked at him shyly, but I nodded. Him and I walked side by side until we reached my house. 

"Thank you..." I whispered, looking at my shoes. I glanced up, my head still down. He nodded and waved 'bye.' I strolled inside my house, flopping on the couch. I clutched a pillow, thinking about Cage. I sighed. He's probably only nice to me because... I'm me. I skipped upstairs and explored my closet. I put on gray, kitten printed pajama pants with a black tank top. Right as I was done getting change, a knock on my front door sounded. I quickly walked down my stairs and to my door. "Chase?" I tilted my head. He rubbed the back of his neck, laughing nervously. 

"My dad kicked me out for the night..." I looked at me embarrassedly. I shook my head, smiling. I stepped aside, letting him in. I closed the door then walked to the couch, sitting down. He sat beside me. "Sorry, it's just, all my friends live in another neighborhood."

"It's okay, My dad is on a business trip for another three months." I told him. I could see a small smirk on his face that quickly faded. "Do you want to watch a movie?" He looked at me and nodded. He bent down next to my TV and picked out a movie. 'My Sister's Keeper.' Oh God! I forgot he liked really sad movies... He smiled at me and then put in the disc. We watched it until it got to the middle. Chase tried not to cry. 

"Coraline, can I tell you something?" He looked at me. I nodded, turning to him. A smirk slid across his face. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them over my head. "The truth is, my dad never kicked me out, I just wanted to come over." I shuddered in fear as his grin got bigger. 

"Chase! Let me go!" I wailed, trying to free myself. He chuckled, sliding his hand up my tank. SHIT!

"Why would I let you go? I only just got you..." He whispered, lowering his head to my neck. I screamed. With his free hand, he covered my mouth. "Shh... Coraline, you knew this would come one day or another." Tears streamed from my eyes as his tongue traveled along my neck. I felt the weight on me being lifted. I opened my eyes to see a familiar blank face. 

"Uh, sorry to interrupt. But I don't think Coraline enjoys sad movies." Cage glared at Chase, slamming a fist against his cheek. Chase sat on the floor, holding his cheek in pain. "I think you should leave..." Chase growled then got up and left without another word. I turned on my side crying. How could Chase do this to me?! I felt a hand on my arm. I looked up at Cage. I launched myself at him, crying into his chest. 

"Why... Why would Chase do that?" I stuttered through tears.  He stroked my hair, shaking his head. I gripped his tear soaked shirt. "How did you know?" I looked up at him with teary eyes. He wiped my eyes.

"I live next door. And I heard your scream." He replied, smiling down at me. He picked me up bridle style and took my to my room. Cage sat me down on my bed, lifting the covers over me. "Just call me if you need anything." He whispered, walking away. I grabbed the end of his shirt, tugging on it. 

I sheepishly looked down. "Could you stay... Just in case he comes back..." He nodded and laid beside me. His soft eyes slowly closing. I curled up by his side, trying to forget about Chase. 

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