Plastered Smile

Don't you hate to always having a fake smile just to please the people around you. Oh, by the way, the name is Coraline. My mother died when I was small, I don't remember her much. But I wish I could forget all about my father... I don't truly want to go into detail. But please, listen to my story before it ends. Anyway, my story starts at school. So there's the sluts, the emo group, jocks, and bullies. Obviously I fit into emo, but I was rejected even by them. My only friend is Crystal, she's the best. But the person I hate most, is Jake and his group. Especially his best friend and also his 'bodyguard', Cage. AGH! I hate them so much!


2. Chapter 2.

-Coraline's P.O.V-

I felt weird walking with Cage, hand in hand. I slip my hand out of grasp and stopped walking. "Why did you stop him back there? Aren't you one of his 'friends'?" I asked looking into his gray eyes. He shrugged and stuck his hands into his hoodie pockets. I put on a small, fake smile. "Thanks anyway. I should go to class." I walked past him, letting my fake smile disappear from my face. Crystal caught sight of me, then came rushing.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry about your hand, Coraline." She apologized sadly. Once again, I plastered a smile onto my face. I nudged her side, then walked to lunch. Crystal immediately ran to her boyfriend, 'James.' She waved me over, clinging onto James. I sat next to the two awkwardly as they cuddled each other. I rested my chin onto the palm of my hand and stared out of window. I could see Cage and his friends playing soccer. His black bangs covered his eyes slightly, and his semi-pale skin was covered in sweat. I inhaled quickly through my nose and looked away. Hands slammed on the table and caught my attention. I glanced up to see Natasha, A.K.A, School slut. 

"Hey Coraline, why did ya take so long in the nurse's office with Cage? Being an emo slut, I bet!" She laughed, flipping her brunette hair from her face. I couldn't take this bitch anymore!

"Natasha, you have something on your face. I can't take you seriously, you should clean it off before someone notices." I glared at her. She frantically wiped her face. "Oops, I forgot, you can't wipe slutty off." Crystal and James started hysterically laughing, so did the rest of the school that heard me. Natasha's eyes flickered at me with pure hatred burning inside. Bam.. Everyone fell silent, staring in shock. I slowly put my hand on my cheek, trying to hide the red mark. 

"That's what you get!" She hissed, lowering her hand. She turned on her heels and walked away to her group of laughing friends.

-Cage's P.O.V-

I was playing some soccer with my friends when I heard Max gasp. "Did Natasha just slap that super quiet girl? Uh, Coraline I think." I stiffened, turning my head to see Coraline holding her cheek. I walked into the cafeteria, going to Coraline. I could feel Natasha and her friend's gaze on my back. 

"You okay?.." I asked her bluntly. She looked up at me, revealing her red cheek. She quickly nodded and looked back down again. James and Crystal looked at me with a confused face. "Well, I'll be going now." I walked away with everyone's gaze on me. I glanced over at Natasha, who was smiling at me. Ew, gross. 

-Natasha's P.O.V-

Ha! I can't believe I slapped that moron! She so deserved it. She's the one who is going to steal Cage away from me! Don't worry, he's going to forget all out her once I'm finished!

-Coraline's P.O.V-

The bell rang and everyone got up from their seats. My cheek still was stinging, but It didn't really bother me. It surprised me that Cage came up to me during lunch. Crystal and James are still wondering why, I mean, I was wondering too. I shook my head, clearing my thoughts. Crystal and James went God knows where, leaving me walking in the hallway alone. I opened my locker, then switching my books. I heard the students around me gasp. I turned to see what caught their attention. I felt numb and weak at the sight. Natasha... and Cage? I felt sick to my stomach, I didn't want to look at them. I slammed my locker closed and stalked away.  I heard my name being called by a familiar voice, but I ignored it. 

I sat under a tree, trying to forget what I just saw. That damn Natasha got on my nerves. I don't understand why this bothered me. I sighed and closed my eyes, putting in my earphones. Time to forget.

-Cage's P.O.V-

Lets start from the beginning. I was walking down the hallway, when I saw Coraline. She was getting her books, so I decided to go say 'Hi.' But no... Natasha pinned me against a locker and started kissing me. At that time I was confused and didn't know what to do. I heard a slam and saw Coraline walk away. I tried calling for her, but she just ignored me. I finally pushed Natasha off of me, a giant grin slide across her face. "How was that, Cage?" She twirled her hair. I felt sick, she was horrible at kissing, I mean literally.  

"Pretty bad, if I say so myself. Wait, understatement. It was disgusting and horrible." I replied, looking down at her dumbfounded face. The kids around me began to laugh. I slipped away as the commotion was going on. I looked everywhere for Coraline. God, she wouldn't believe a word I said. I caught a glimpse of red in the corner of my eye. I gazed at Coraline under a tree, her red hair flowing as the wind danced around her. "Coraline?" I whispered, removing one of her ear plugs. Her eyes slowly opened, revealing her wide, blue eyes. She blinked a few times then moved back a little.

"Cage? Aren't you suppose to be eating Natasha's face off?" She grumbled, looking away from me. I sat next to her, ignoring her words. "What do you want, Cage?" I poked her cheek.

"May I explain?" I asked her. She quietly nodded, slightly turning her head to me. I told her what happened, trying my best not to be sick. She looked down, thinking. "Honestly, it was pretty disgusting." I laid back onto the grass, putting my hands behind my head. Coraline smiled. Something was off about her smile... It seemed fake. 

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