Plastered Smile

Don't you hate to always having a fake smile just to please the people around you. Oh, by the way, the name is Coraline. My mother died when I was small, I don't remember her much. But I wish I could forget all about my father... I don't truly want to go into detail. But please, listen to my story before it ends. Anyway, my story starts at school. So there's the sluts, the emo group, jocks, and bullies. Obviously I fit into emo, but I was rejected even by them. My only friend is Crystal, she's the best. But the person I hate most, is Jake and his group. Especially his best friend and also his 'bodyguard', Cage. AGH! I hate them so much!


3. Author's Note.

Hey guys! Sorry to interrupt the story. (Hope you enjoy it though :D) I just want to apologize if I sort of rush into things, it's a bad habit. I'll try and slow it down a bit. And also, you don't have to worry about updates, I just write all of the chapters then post them. (I hate when stories end at good parts.) And also, not bore the living daylights out of you, I'm just going to sum up what they look like. Bare with me, it's another really bad habit of mine. To describe what they look like ALL THE TIME.



*Red, Scene hair. Waist length.

*Blue eyes. 

*Pale skin. Faint freckles along her nose.

*Small snake-bite piercings. 


*Black hair, long (not long, long but down to his neck long.) Bangs cover his eyes, most of the time.

*Gray eyes (actually blue, but they look gray)

*Pale, but not that much as Coraline.

*Fairly small, ring lip piercing (only one)

-Jake :P-

*Brown hair. 

*Green eyes.

*Tan .

*and UGLY! :3 So detailed.


I truly don't want to describe her.


*Blonde hair, white ends.

*Hazel eyes.


*Piercing like Marina from Marina and the Diamonds.


UGH, Just no, I dont' want to bore you guys.


So yea, sorry to be a bother. Enjoy the story ^-^

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