Midnight Memories *Completed*

This is story of a girl named Spencer Hastings and her 4 best friends: Hanna Bowen, Aria Lee, Mona Salter, and Emily Kostalleky. What will happen at midnight? What happens when they try to pull a prank at their last day at school? Will the memeries be worth remembering? Find out what happens to spencer and the rest of the gang.


21. X-Factor part3

Spencer's P.O.V.

All I can see is dark. I don't remember anyone except for Ian, Marissa, Hanna, Mona, Aria, my best friend Niall, and his idiot friends. I remember having a crush on my little leprechaun, but just a crush. But feeling him kiss my cheek and tell me he loves me was all to much I could feel my heart pound. I tried to smile but I couldn't. I wonder what's wrong with me. Am I dead. No I have to wake up to see Niall on his little show. So I just keep on fighting until I wake. Great this should take a while. I know he already left me. But I know it won't be that long. I know he will win. If he doesn't I'll cry for him. I just miss his breath down my neck. His blue eyes. His blonde hair. I miss him. When I heard he made it I was so excited. I couldn't believe it. Well I could. I just want him back. He needs to come back or I need to go there. Yeah I miss the way I feel when I run. I have to get up but how do I do that. I thought. then I just decided to fight. I fought and fought. I stopped and cried. I stopped crying when I heard a voice. I listened. It was Niall's voice in my head. '' I love you forever and always.'' I started to fight again. I know I can get out of this dark hole. I love him too much to give up. I keep on jumping up to get out. I finally just sat there to catch my breath. I started to jump again. I keep doing this. Until I thought. I saw the light I just needed to get to it. I jumped as high as I could. I grabbed the edge. but didn't make it. I did it a gain and got my elbow on the edge, but still didn't make it. I finally got it. I looked around and saw a sleeping Hanna. I hit her upside the head. She screamed and looked at me. Then screamed again. She hugged me then found a doctor. ''Wow Miss Hastings! You really wanted to get up. Didn't?'' '' Yes sir I need to see Niall, but I want to surprise him by being back there with his mom, his brother, and dad. So what do I do?'' ''Well it looks like you can remember a lot more then we thought you did what year is it?'' '' 2010'' ''No it is 2013.'' ''So I can't leave'' I asked crying ''No. Not today, but tomorrow.'' I squealed in happiness.*TIME SKIP* It's the next day. I ran out of the hospital to get to the airport. I am with all the girls. I said bye to Ian and dad. I don't talk to my mom much. She left my dad and me to have a new life and family, witch I hate with all my heart. I finally made it got on the plane. The girls and my family are the only ones that know. We found out where they were going to be because of Liam. He also knows, but knows not to tell anyone. I love him like a brother. He booked us a plane. I got on the plane with Hanna right beside me. She told me everything. I laughed at my past. I leaned back and fell asleep. I woke when we landed. I ran to the hotel that Liam also bought us a room for. I had a different room then the girls. I walked in and saw it trashed. I must be sharing with Niall. I laid in his bed. Yep that's Niall. I can smell him all over the sheets. I turned on the t.v. and saw Niall's face. I thought I just melted. Niall didn't share with anyone. I sat there and watched it for an hour. then in thirty minutes. Niall walked into his room and he apparently smelled the food because he walked straight to the kitchen. I was sitting on his bed. He walked with a weird look on his face. It soon changed when he saw me. I opened my arms and ran towards him. He opened his arms and hugged me then kissed me. I smiled into the kiss. So did he. His kiss lingered as we pulled away. I bit my lip and looked down. He picked me up and swung me around. He then kissed me again. He kisse4d me again and hugged me tight like I was going to disappear. He started to cry so did I. He sat me down on his lap the started to sing.

Gotta Be You

Girl I can see it in your eyes

You're disappointed

Cause I'm the foolish one that you anointed

with your heart

I tore it apart

And girl what a mess I made upon

your innocence

And no woman in the world

deserves this

But here I am

asking for one more chance

Can we fall one more time

Stop the tape and rewind

Oh and if you walk away

I'll know I fade

Cause there is nobody else

It's gotta be you

Only you

It's gotta be you

only you

Now girl I can hear it in your voice and how it trembles

When you speak to me I don't resemble

Who I was

You've almost had enough

And your actions speak louder than words

And you're about to break from all you heard

Don't be scared I ain't going no where

I'll be here by your side

No more fears no more crying

But if you walk away

I know I'll fade

Cause there is nobody else

It's gotta be you

Only you

It's gotta be you

Only you

Oh girl can we try

one more one more time

One more one more time

can we try

one more one more time

I'll make it better

One more one more

can we try

one more one more

Can we try it one more time

To make it all better

Cause it's gotta be you

It's gotta be you

It's gotta be you

Only you

It's gotta be you

Only you

I laughed a little and hugged him ''I love you so much ever since we met. I always believed in love at first sight. I knew that was you babe. You know it feels weird being back in my home town. Hmm I wonder if they have all the same places. If they do we should go out some day. OH MY GOD GREATY JOB! Oh wow I'm talking to much. Sorry I just have been in a com-'' I was cut off by the same pair of lips I just kissed. I kissed back as soon as they came in contact with mine. And then I said after he pulled away ''That was a nice way of telling me to shut up.'' he just laughed at my comment and slowly leaned in. So did I but just as soon as we were fixing to kiss THE Simon Cowell walked in. I blushed a deep red then looked down ignoring him. ''Hello love, you must be Spencer. Call me Uncle Simon.'' I looked him. This is all to confusing. I smiled and looked at Niall who had a big smile on his face. I rolled my eyes. ''Yes I'm Spencer. Nice to meet you Uncle Simon.'' I said as I stuck out a hand for him. But apparently he is a hugger cause he pulled me into a bear hug. I hugged back. ''I'm so sorry for what happened. We even have people looking for Austin Moon.'' ''Who's Austin Moo-'' I didn't get to finish cause all I saw was a brown eyed and blonde headed guy walk through the door. I looked at him surprised when I knew who he was. ''Guys GET IN HERE!' 'Simon scram. I looked at him in shock when I saw a memory of a sweet guy who turned out to be the pearson who almost killed me. ''AUSTIN!'' Was all I could get out.







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