Midnight Memories *Completed*

This is story of a girl named Spencer Hastings and her 4 best friends: Hanna Bowen, Aria Lee, Mona Salter, and Emily Kostalleky. What will happen at midnight? What happens when they try to pull a prank at their last day at school? Will the memeries be worth remembering? Find out what happens to spencer and the rest of the gang.


17. When Things Go Wrong

Spencer's P.O.V.

I woke up at 5. Niall was still asleep. I went down to get some water. I heard foot steps. ''Sorry. I was thirsty. Didn't mean to wake you.'' ''You? Wake me up? I've haven't slep at all. Not since y'all kissed.'' I froze. '' Austin?'' ''Yeah?'' ''Why are you in my house at 5 in the morning?'' ''I have to tell you something and you are going to listen.'' Woah where that come from. I turned and looked at him. His brown eyes were red and his cheeks were red and puffy, he also had tear stained cheeks. I went and sat down. His tall figure stood in front of me. It wasn't until then I saw the knife in his hand. My eyes got huge. The guy I made friends with that day in the park stood in front of me like a maniac with a knife in his hand. I looked at his eyes. ''W-What are you going to do?'' ''Niall is locked in the room so he won't get hurt.'' he then sliced my leg. He stuffed a rag in my mouth. ''Don't scream.'' he commanded. I cried out in pain but you couldn't hear me. He then sliced my arm. I could tell he didn't want me to move. He sliced my other arm and leg. I just whimpered.

Austin's P.O.V.

''You know that day in the park I knew I was in love with you. I knew I just had to have you. I followed you to make sure you were okay. Then last night when you kissed Niall I just lost it. I went and broke up with Alex but we are still friends. I went out and had a few drinks. Then here I am slicing you up cause you chose him  over me. I love you so much. I went crazy and crashed car before I came here. I hated the idea of him having you instead of me. Ron tried to calm me down my brother that you haven't met. Matt even tried to he is my younger brother that hates me. Then Rachel said to come and talk to you. So I'm drunk and mad.'' I sliced her thighs and hips. I then took off running out the house to my crashed car and sped out of there then went out of town.

                                                                       Niall's P.O.V.

 I heard Spencer scream. I took off running to the door it was locked I ran and jumped out of it I ran back in the house and saw my broken angel....                                         

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