Midnight Memories *Completed*

This is story of a girl named Spencer Hastings and her 4 best friends: Hanna Bowen, Aria Lee, Mona Salter, and Emily Kostalleky. What will happen at midnight? What happens when they try to pull a prank at their last day at school? Will the memeries be worth remembering? Find out what happens to spencer and the rest of the gang.


9. Sweet Guy

Spencer's P.O.V.

I sat there and learned more about Austin. He has beautiful brown eyes,but there not as beautiful as a pair certain sea blue eyes. He has beach blonde hair,but it's not as blonde and Niall's. God, why do I compare him to Niall so much? He has 3 brothes and 1 sister. He plays guitar, piano, and drum. He has a best friend named Dave and a girl friend named Alex. She seems really nice well from what he has told me. She has long brown curly hair like mine. She has brown eyes unlike my blue ones. She works at a pet store. Austin is a year older than me and Alex. He's talking to her right now. He actual made me feel better. "Add him to the list of people who can calm me." "What?"he asked laughing. I didn't realize that he had came back."Umm Austin, I have a list of people that can calm me like My dad,my brother and Naill. I guess I can add you to the list." I said with a smile. He smiled back. We just laid in the grass talking. "It feels like I have known you forever." I said with a laugh at the end."Same here." he said laughing."Hey, can I ask you something?" "Shoot." "Why are you so stubren?" he asked with a laugh. I started to laugh to."It's a Hastings thing." I said with a smile. "I'm surprised Niall hasn't came and got you yet. Your so fun to hang out with." "Well not always the bst company." "You are to me, like the sister I can relate to unlike Rachel." That was enough to set me off the edge. I started to laugh my head off. He joined me. "Well Mr.Moon your much better than my brother." Then a car pulled up. He spoke to soon it was Niall. I rolled my eyes."Is that him?" Austin asked. I nodded my head."Let me take the little leprechaun." I laughed and rolled my eyes. I helped Austin up and he stepped in front of me. Niall came up and looked at me then Austin. "Come on Spencer, you dad wants you home." "Tell him I'm hanging with a friend." I said looking down at the ground."Yeah dude, just leave she wants to hang with me." Austin smirked. I laughed and looked at the ground."Plus haven't you done enough."Austin snired at Niall. That was enough to set Niall over the edge. He punched Austin in the the jaw. I screamed horrified. Austin's fist clenched and Niall's cheek. I was pushed back and a full out fist fight broke. I was screaming stop. Austin was ontop of Niall punching him into the dirt. I was crying from the amount of blood. They finally stopped when someone broke it up. My eyes got huge it was my brother I hadn't seen it 3years. It was Ian Hastings. "Ian." I cried tears of happiness. He just smiled and said"See ya at the house."

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