Midnight Memories *Completed*

This is story of a girl named Spencer Hastings and her 4 best friends: Hanna Bowen, Aria Lee, Mona Salter, and Emily Kostalleky. What will happen at midnight? What happens when they try to pull a prank at their last day at school? Will the memeries be worth remembering? Find out what happens to spencer and the rest of the gang.


14. Over Again

Spencer P.O.V.

My first reaction was to push him back. But I didn't I kissed back. I didn't stop. I know what I'm doing. I keep on. I felt him smirk. I stopped then. He stopped smirking and looked at me like I was crazy. I looked down my cheeks flushed red. ''I have to go back to my brother.'' He looked at me like I was a crazy person. He punched the wall. Violent much? ''God, I thought I had you back now I ruined it. Lord knows how stupid I am.'' I let out a small laugh. ''What are you laughing at?'' I laughed again and walked over to Ian. I told him I wanted to go home.

Niall P.O.V.

After she left I had a mental break down. I cried until my heart hurt. I curled up into a ball and cried. I can't keep doing this. I would hate me too. Then I started to sing

''Said I'd I never leave her,

cause her hands fit like my t-shirt.

Tongue tied over three words.


Running over thoughts that made my feet hurt.

Bodies intertwined with her lips.

Now she's feeling so low

since she went solo.

Hole in the middle of my heart

like a polo.

And it's no joke to me.

So can we start it all over again?

If your pretending from

 the start like this.

With a tight grip then

 my kiss

can mend your broken heart.

And I lend your broken parts that might fit

like this.

And I will give you all my heart

So can we start it all over again.''

I'm not done with it. That gave me an idea. Now I just need her brother help. Please Lord get him to help me.




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