Midnight Memories *Completed*

This is story of a girl named Spencer Hastings and her 4 best friends: Hanna Bowen, Aria Lee, Mona Salter, and Emily Kostalleky. What will happen at midnight? What happens when they try to pull a prank at their last day at school? Will the memeries be worth remembering? Find out what happens to spencer and the rest of the gang.


10. Aria's P.O.V.

Same night as she said she had to do chores-

Liam came in my car with a smirk."Nice job, Umm I have to umm go home to umm do umm...OW! Why'd you kick me." "Because you wouldn't shut up." I said starting the car. "But what would you practice for?"I said with a smirk. "The audition." "Oh yeah, X-factor." We sat in silence. We made it to a Italian place. We went in. We sat and talked about somethings and everything."You do know that our best friends are in love, right?" "Yeah but I also have my eye on a girl." he said and looked at me I blushed. He laughed. "You know,Aria, I really like you would you do me the honor of-" "Yes Liam." he smiled a leaned it slowly. I couldn't wait any longer so I leaned and kissed him. He smirked but stopped and kissed with lust and passion. I smiled. Then the food came. So had to stop and eat we talked the whole time there was no quietness. It was honestly the best date I've ever been on.

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