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Exasperated, that's what I was- am. My pride that was once stored within me has now vanished into billions of particles, dissolved and evaporated into the mass air that surrounds me. Lifeless: nothing more, nothing less. I lay, placidly, willingly, acceptingly, though, my body is no longer belligerent; it's given up.
My name is Kaitlynn Malik and this is my story.

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23. Chapter 22.

I trail my fingers along the staircase railing, remembering each and every moment down here. I walk over to the piano and trail my fingers along the key lid, lifting it up and feeling that wave of excitement immediately rush over me. I sit down on the bench and rests my finger tips upon the keys, gaining memories of every time I played a song about Harry. But this time was different. This time, I wasn't going to play a song about Harry; I was going to play a song about Liam. Someone who had once meant the world to me, and still does, even if he may not know it.
I close my eyes, my fingers settling on the correct keys, and take a deep breath. As I play, the lyrics "you're not sorry" continuously echo inside my head. Each time that I end the song, I begin right back at the beginning, playing it over and over again.
I guess you could say that I had a sort of soft spot for Liam, and I did. I still do. It's true, I had only thought of Liam as a brother, but something changed within that moment that he had asked me out. Something kept whispering to my sub-conscious that maybe there could be something more to Liam and me. Something that I had never seen before. But out of fear and sheer dumb luck, I told him no. And in that moment when he had first hit me, my heart was shattered into a million pieces, and I pondered: Why would Liam hit me if he loves me so damn much? And then it had hit me, like lightning striking the sun, and I realized that he only wanted me to feel the pain that he had felt in that very moment; and suddenly everything seems so clear, as if the clouds had moved away and revealed a sun, concealed beneath the darkness that consumed it.
Liam was scared. He was afraid.

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