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Exasperated, that's what I was- am. My pride that was once stored within me has now vanished into billions of particles, dissolved and evaporated into the mass air that surrounds me. Lifeless: nothing more, nothing less. I lay, placidly, willingly, acceptingly, though, my body is no longer belligerent; it's given up.
My name is Kaitlynn Malik and this is my story.

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2. Chapter 2.

I lay in my bed, staring at the ceiling. I take a deep breath, peeling my shirt up slightly, observing the bruises that now form on my body. I stand up, allowing my shirt to flow back down. I walk shakily to my door, limping, opening the door and walking down the stairs.

I sigh in relief as I notice that the boys are not here.

"Kait? Is that you?" Zayn yells from the kitchen.

I shakily limp into the kitchen and see Zayn with a bowl of strawberries, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. He stops his actions and turns to look at me, smiling. As his eyes land on my body, he immediately frowns.

"What happened?"

"I tripped, coming down the stairs." I fiddle my thumbs. Please believe it.

His frown grows bigger. "Okay." He says and turns his attention back to the ingredients.

I walk into the living area, sititng on the couch that the four boys once occupied earlier today, and turn on the TV. An interview of One Direction immediately comes into view, and I almost change it, but Zayn walks in, looking at the TV screen.

"Don't change this just yet. There's a surprise for you on that interview." He says to me, taking a seat beside me on the couch, placing the chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream on the coffee table in front of us.

I grab a strawberry, watching the interview.

"So, Zayn, tell us about your little sister, Kait." The interviewer insists.

I glance nervously at Zayn, who is smiling intently at me. My attention returns to the telly.

"Well, she's quite something to be honest. In fact, she means the world to me. I honestly would kick anyone's ass, even these four lads, if they ever hurt her." He says, gesturing to the four boys that surround him.

Liam, Louis, and Niall fake a smile as a frown forms onto Harry's lips. Why was Harry sad? Was he worried that Zayn will really hurt him? Is he upset about what he's done to me? I shake my head. No. He was definitely not upset. He's just worried about Zayn hurting him.

I zone out as the interview continues. I finally turn my attention back to the telly as I wish I hadn't.

"So, Harry, it's been rumored that you are head over heels for Zayn's little sister." The interviewer says.

"It's not a rumor if it's true, is it?" Harry asks.

I freeze mid-air, my hand reaching up towards my mouth with a strawberry. My breathing hitches and my heart stops. I can't breathe. Harry doesn't like me, no. He's just saying that to make the world think that he actually has the possibility of a potential girlfriend. But why would he say it if he didn't mean it? My subconscious adds.

I finally catch my breath as I shake my head, shoving a strawberry into my mouth. I reach for the controller, changing the channel.

Harry Styles doesn't like me. He likes to hurt me.

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