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Exasperated, that's what I was- am. My pride that was once stored within me has now vanished into billions of particles, dissolved and evaporated into the mass air that surrounds me. Lifeless: nothing more, nothing less. I lay, placidly, willingly, acceptingly, though, my body is no longer belligerent; it's given up.
My name is Kaitlynn Malik and this is my story.

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19. Chapter 18.

When I realized that I hadn't seen the boys in over a week because they had been planning the perfect birthday for me, I couldn't help but love them more. They were always trying to make me smile or laugh; anything that they knew was causing me happiness. And so, I sat there, thinking. The lads have never done anything as nice as that for my birthday for the past three years. Why now?
I sat there for hours, thinking, before coming to the decision that I would ask why they were being so nice but, I also want to know why I was in the hospital. This is going to be uncomfortable.

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