I Turn Red

The worst and best thing ever to happen to me all began with a nice trip down the stairs.



 I tripped and fell down the stairs. I landed on the back of Charles Barron. Then he fell into Maria Sayers. And she fell and landed hard on her butt. I stood up."Are you okay? I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. I just..." My voice trailed off and I sighed heavily. I felt my face burning. 

Charles got up, bent over, and picked up my stuff that had fallen all over the floor. "I'm fine. If I were you I'd run, though." He pointed in front of him and I looked over to see Mr. Pollick marching over. He was just the calculus teacher, but he took it upon himself to watch the hallways. 

"What has happened?!" Mr. Pollick screeched. He silenced the laughter that had been filling the stairwell. I looked down.

"You?" he asked me, confused. "Of all people, you are the one who has caused such chaos. Your behavior has been perfect year after year. What happened?"

"Sir," I began. I heard some giggles. Probably because I addressed my teacher as sir. "Sir, I didn't mean it. I tripped and fell. I didn't mean to start anything. I'm sorry." I was on the verge of tears. Why? I'm sensitive. I hate being called out. My cheeks now felt like they were on fire. They were probably the same color as my red hair.

Mr. Pollick sighed. "All of you go to class," he said, addressing the kids who were still watching the scene. They left. "And you," he turned to face me. "Why are you crying?"

I looked down again and shook my head. He sighed again. "Come see me at the end of the day. Go on."

I nodded and ran to my next class.




Sorry if this is a crappy chapter. I'm new to writing, sooo yeah. Please no hate, but I'd appreciate correction or ways to improve this story and my writing skills. Okay, hope you didn't think this chapter was too bad. BYE-BYE!!!

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