Love Struck 2: That Summer

"Don't walk away," he whispered. "Don't leave me. Don't leave me here, alone."

Harry and Jordyn had a nice start to the summer. Their friends Grace, Niall and Louis all hang out with them to make the summer unforgettable before their senior year at Wolfridge High. While summer tends to go on, Harry wishes it could never end.
But what happens when the love of his life brings heart-breaking news to all four of them? Will they stay together? Or break up?

The sequal to 'Love Struck,' so please read that before this!!


17. Jordyn's POV:

"Do you want me to go ask my parents now? I can. I can say that you just texted me about it or something," I said.

He tightened his grip. "No...stay." 

"I will later then. What time is the wedding at?"

"It starts at 1:00 on Wednesday next week. It's in Orlando."

"I'll leave about 12:30 then. Where is it?"

"I'm not sure exactly where yet. I'll let you know when I find out though." 

"I know you will. I'm so excited!"

"Me to. I can't wait to see how beautiful you'll look in your dress, and when you have the perfect makeover. By the way, your lipstick will probably be ruined by the time the wedding is done, you know." He chuckled and kissed me on the cheek. I raised my head.

I rested my forehead against his, which caused him to close his eyes. "I know," I whispered to him.

He laid his warm hands on my waist, picked me up and held me against him. He walked me over to my wall and placed me on it, sliding his hands down to my hips. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him in closer as he started kissing my neck. I rubbed his back.

"Nobody can take you away from me. You're mine. And they can't steal what's rightfully mine..." He moaned. I ran my hands through his hair. I didn't really know how to respond to that.

" don't have to worry..." I mumbled. He had moved up, right under my jawline.


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