Love Struck 2: That Summer

"Don't walk away," he whispered. "Don't leave me. Don't leave me here, alone."

Harry and Jordyn had a nice start to the summer. Their friends Grace, Niall and Louis all hang out with them to make the summer unforgettable before their senior year at Wolfridge High. While summer tends to go on, Harry wishes it could never end.
But what happens when the love of his life brings heart-breaking news to all four of them? Will they stay together? Or break up?

The sequal to 'Love Struck,' so please read that before this!!


14. Jordyn's POV:

Jordyn's POV:

I rested my head on Harry's shoulder, which caused my long hair to fall down his side. He slowly swayed me from side to side, rubbing my back.

"As long as you love me, nothing can hurt us." He whispered.

"I do love you. I always will."

He gave me a lingering kiss on my cheek. "Hey, my cousin is having a wedding soon."

"Oh, cool! When?"

"Next week, I think. Do you want to be my date? My mom said I could bring someone."

"I'd love to! I just need the details. Call me when you find out more information."

"I will. But for now, I get to spend the night with you." He threw me over his shoulder, causing me to burst into laughter. He laughed with me as he gently laid me down on top of him, sitting on my bed.

"It really makes me laugh when you do that. Especially when it's unexpected." I told him.

"I know. I just end up laughing with you because your laugh is so beautiful."

I dipped my head, kissing him slowly. He held his hands lightly on my waist. 

"Stay with me...forever." He spoke against my lips. 

"I will." I kissed the corner of his mouth, his cheek, his jawline, and finally his neck. He lightly dug his fingertips into my hips.

"Do you remember the first time I kissed your neck?" I whispered.

"Yeah. I feel the same way everytime."

"I know. You didn't do anything, except breathe slow. You just sat there all calm, letting me."

"Doesn't it explain it all, though?"

"What do you mean?"

"Doesn't explain how much I love you?"

"Yeah. Because first if all, you tell me everyday. Second of all, you always tense up when I tend to stop unexpectedly."

"It's true, though," he whispered as he laid me on top if him, resting his head against my pillow. I closed my eyes, laying down with him.

"I know. It's not like it's a surprise to me."

He slightly moaned, holding me tighter in his strong, muscular arms. I know nothing bad can happen to me as long as Harry's around. He would never let anything happen to me. He would save me from something, no matter how bad it is. He would always be there if I ever needed someone to talk to, to just cry and let out all my feelings.

He cares.

I feel safe with him.

He stroked my hair, slightly running his fingers through it. 

"You don't have to worry about a thing, I'm here for you. Through everything," he said as if he read my mind. 

I responded by giving him a kiss on his shoulder.

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