Love Struck 2: That Summer

"Don't walk away," he whispered. "Don't leave me. Don't leave me here, alone."

Harry and Jordyn had a nice start to the summer. Their friends Grace, Niall and Louis all hang out with them to make the summer unforgettable before their senior year at Wolfridge High. While summer tends to go on, Harry wishes it could never end.
But what happens when the love of his life brings heart-breaking news to all four of them? Will they stay together? Or break up?

The sequal to 'Love Struck,' so please read that before this!!


12. Jordyns POV:

Jordyns POV:

**The Next Morning**

I woke up to Louis and Grace quietly whispering. They were the only ones up, besides me. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but every now and then I heard giggles from Grace.

I turned over and scooted closer to Harry, cuddling into his chest. He wasn't awake, but he looked so peaceful just laying there. His curls sprawled all over his pillow, his face slightly hidden from the covers, his long eyelashes just above his cheekbones.

I took out my iPod and snapped a picture, deciding to send it to him as a joke. "My beautiful boyfriend is a sleepyhead today ;)" I then sent it, slightly giggling.

I felt him shift a little under me. When I tried to pull away, he slowly wrapped his arms around me. "Good morning, beautiful," he softly whispered in my ear.


"Did you sleep well?"

"As good as I can at a seepover. I'm sorry, by the way. I feel like I fell asleep too early. I was tired."

"No, that's fine," he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. "Everyone else was pretty tired to."

I nodded. "You know, I was asleep on your shoulder. You just kind of woke me up when you layed me down. I felt your hands on my waist."

"Oh, sorry..."

"For what?"

"For waking you up."

"Oh no, that's ok. I'm a light sleeper anyways."

"Well, you're welcome then."

"For what?"

"For having the feelings you do about me." He held me tighter.

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