Love Struck 2: That Summer

"Don't walk away," he whispered. "Don't leave me. Don't leave me here, alone."

Harry and Jordyn had a nice start to the summer. Their friends Grace, Niall and Louis all hang out with them to make the summer unforgettable before their senior year at Wolfridge High. While summer tends to go on, Harry wishes it could never end.
But what happens when the love of his life brings heart-breaking news to all four of them? Will they stay together? Or break up?

The sequal to 'Love Struck,' so please read that before this!!


16. Harry's POV:

**The Next Morning**

I woke up to Jordyn sleeping soundly beside me. Her hair was sprawled all over her pillow, her arms lazily wrapped around the sheets. I scooted closer to her and wrapped my arms around her, bringing her closer to me.

I ran a hand through her soft hair, just admiring her being here with me, even when she's asleep. It always brings a smile to my face. 

I dipped my head and slowly kissed her, making sure not to wake her up. Her lips are so soft, especially in the morning. 

I flinched when I suddenly felt her place a hand on my neck. She kissed me back. I had woken her up.

I stopped kissing her, but I didn't pull away. I rested my forehead against hers, keeping my eyes closed.

"Did I wake you...?" I spoke against her lips. She nodded.

"In a very special way." 

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

"It's ok. It was a nice thing to wake up to." She pecked me on the lips, causing me to smile.

"That's good then."

She nodded again. "Do you want some breakfast?"


I got up and followed her into the hallway. When we reached the stairs, she stopped so suddenly that I almost pushed her down the stairs. I caught her by the waist and balanced her back out.

"What's wrong, baby?" I buried my face in her neck from behind.

"Ssh...I think my parents are home."

I listened, and I thought I heard the sounds of her parents' voices.

"What are they doing here so early? They weren't supposed to come until noon, right?"

"Yeah. It's only 10. You're going to have to sneak out the window in my room."

I held her tighter. "I don't want to leave. I want to stay here, with you."

"Can I hide you in my room somewhere?"

"Sure." I let go of her and she led me back into her room.

"I'll get breakfast and then come back up, ok? Just stay here."

"I will. And don't worry, Jordyn. Everything will be fine," I said to her worried face. She looked behind her at her door, then back at me.

"I'm not really worried. I'm just scared that they'll find out I had the party without their permission. I just think that-"

I interrupted her by smashing my lips onto hers. I placed my hand on her neck, and the other one on the back of her head. She laid hers on my shoulders.

I pulled away, looking into her gorgeous ocean-blue eyes. I stroked her hair.

"Everything will be fine. Don't worry."

She hesitated, but then nodded and headed out her bedroom door.


Jordyn's POV:

The last thing I need is to get caught by my parents. I do want Harry to stay, but I don't want to get punished for lying to my parents. I would have started making breakfast for me and Harry right now, but no. Of course not.

"I'll get breakfast and then come back up, ok? Just stay here." I told Harry.

"I will. And don't worry, Jordyn. Everything will be fine." 

I looked at my door behind me, then back at Harry. "I'm not really worried. I'm just..." He placed a hand on my neck. "I'm just scared that they'll find out I had the party with out their permission. I just think that-"

He pulled me in and passionately kissed me, placing another hand on the back of my head. I laid my hands on his shoulders, which slightly tensed up.

He kissed me for a little while before pulling away and looking into my eyes. He lightly stroked my hair.

"Everything will be fine. Don't worry."

I hesitated, but then I nodded. I gave Harry a kiss on his cheek before walking downstairs and greeting my mom and dad.

"How was your business trip?" I asked them, making myself (and Harry) a piece of toast.

"It was good. Long, though." My dad said.

"How 'bout you? How was your first day of summer?"

"It was good. Actually, it was kind of boring. No one was here and my friends wanted to hang out with me..."

"I'm sorry about that, honey. I promise it won't be like that next year." 

"It's ok, mom."

I finished my toast and snuck Harry's upstairs with me. I closed my door behind me, locked it and walked over to Harry, who was sitting on my bed.

"I brought you some breakfast." I sat down next to him and gave it to him.

"Thanks." He pecked me on the cheek before scoffing down the toast.

"You were hungry."

"Yeah. Oh, did you ask your mom about my cousin's wedding?"

"No, I did not. Did you find out for sure?"

"Yeah, my mom just texted me about it. She said I was able to bring you. But you just have to find a separate ride."

"Why can't you just pick me up and we can meet your mom and your sister there...?"

"Because my mom said it wouldn't work. I even asked her."

"Oh, ok. I'm pretty sure I'm able to come. I just have to ask for sure."

He smiled, wrapped his arm around me and kissed me on the forehead. "I sure hope you can. That would be so fun. It'd be boring without you there."

"I hope I can come, to. I'm excited." I rested my head against his shoulder, and he held me closer to him.

I can just picture it. All of Harry's relatives I'll be able to finally meet, the decorations at the reception...I really wish I can go.



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