Its about A character I personally created. I'm working on it..... give me your opinion (:


1. The beginning, and the.... end?


*Bzzt! Bzzt!* I immediately stopped my watch, since I have been up for over 15 minutes, woken up by my other 3 alarms. I breathe in the aroma of breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes, my favorite. Well, obviously, since I made it. I snatch my backpack from the side of the door and race off do school, even though I know that I’m not late. Even if I was, the teachers would excuse me. I find that kind of unfair, but, I can’t change their mind. When I arrive at school after running for 10 minutes, I am not very tired. Some girls try do offer me a towel, and I refuse them politely, not sweating. “No, no, Takeo-sama, you need it!” They insisted. “No thank you,” I told them, smiling. I walk down the hallway, watching as everyone turns do look at my light-brown short hair, but I don’t want do pay them any attention. ‘This is so boring. Couldn’t something happen?’ “President!” The vice-president, Noriko, called. Just like her name, she was the one to enforce the rules. She had long black hair and was very strict. Although, I had the feeling she was still liked by some of the boys. Smart, cunning, athletic, but strict, she was still okay. “Yes?” I replied. “What did you need?” “We need to appoint people for the festival for each class.” She told me. They need do be reliable, like Hotaru from class E.” She moved her glasses up the bridge of her nose carefully. “Now now, we need do give others a chance too. Don’t be so single-minded.” I reminded her. “I will go visit and appoint each class later.” “I will come with you! Last time you appointed some random member. I will have you choose responsibly!” She glared. “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll work out.” I assured her. “Right now I have do go. The girls at the host club are insisting on me being there.” “Again! Urgh.” She walked away, muttering darkly.

I walked calmly do the host club where I heard a united cheering. I slowly opened the door only do be showered in rose petals. “Aaand... here is the famous Takeo-sama!” Shouted Akio, one of the hosts. He had red hair, and was one of the most popular guys at school.


He was one of the cheerful types in the host club. Then Shou, a mellower or darker type, spoke up: “Leave him alone do please the girls, Akio,” “Thank you,” I smiled to him.


The girliest one in the club, Yuuma, was still entertaining some of the girls.


I stayed at the host club for a while until school was about to start. I talked do Eliza, one of the foreign girls at our school. “Hey Takeo?” She asked. I noticed she call me with any suffix and that all the girls started glaring at her. “Yes?” I replied. “Why don’t you become my boyfriend? I’m better than *them*,” She whispered do me. “That’s not nice do the other girls. They are people, not things. Also, no thank you.” I replied, having been asked buy a dozen other girls. “WHY? To you have another girl?” She wailed. “I’m pretty enough! Why don’t YOU like me? All the other guys like me!” “I do not have any other girls, I just would like do refuse. I like you perfectly fine, just not do date you. You are very pretty.” I told her. “THEN WHY DON’T YOU LIKE ME?!?” She screamed and ran out of the room. I heard the girls snicker in satisfaction and frowned. “YOu know what to do right?” I whispered do one of the hosts. “Yes,” He whispered back. I left after that.


After classes, I headed do lunch, where I was invited to seven different tables until I finally decided to sit down at a random lunch table. I was then surrounded by as many people as the table could fit. I asked for some space, and I received as much space as the others could give while everyone else was squished. As I slowly ate my lunch, I asked many requests. “Could you-” “No! He’s going do help me!” “No, me!” “No, me!” “Excuse me, but I have president duties.” I interrupted. Everyone instantly fell silent as I left the table. I strolled slowly down the hallway, passing several students on the way. When I walked into the school club room, Noriko immediately called out to me. “TAKEO!” She screamed. “Yes?” I replied quietly. “Just WHEN are you going do the classrooms?” “Right after lunch ma’am.” I replied. “That’s NOW. Correct?” She said, her voice dangerously calm. “Yes. Right now ma’am.” I peeped. “Good.” She muttered, then glared at me. “Just WHAT are you waiting around for? GO ALREADY!” “Yes ma’am!” I shouted as I scurried down the hall.

I walked leisurely down the hallway til’ I got to class A, where I was greeted warmly. “Ahhh, Takeo-sama! We have been waiting!” “Please, don’t make me sound like royalty.” “Ah, then Kami-sama is fine then?” “Not god, either, please.” “Really? Then choose one. But only those two will do.” “I’m NOT going do choose!” “Okay, then I’ll choose for you, Kami-sama.” “Oh god.” “Yes! Just like that!” So, after this little... conversation, I started looking around for a representative. My eyes glanced over several people. An athlete, an artist, the class president, and a delinquent. The others weren’t of much interest. I decided I would choose the delinquent, because everyone needs a try at some things. When I stared at her do get her attention, she glared at me with icy dark eyes. Her jet black hair cascading over her shoulders and chair. She carried a bamboo sword, and was scantily clad. “Sora-san, I choose you. You’re going do represent your class at the festival committee. “Don’t think doing this makes me like you. I hate you, and all your prissy little followers.” “Now, now, Sora-san, It’s not good do talk about my friends like that.” “Oh, and you don’t care about yourself? I know you’re just selfish.” “SORA!!!!” Screamed the class prez. “STOP THAT NOW!!! DON’T YOU DARE INSULT OUR KAMI-SAMA!!!!” “Urk, gotta go.” She muttered and left the room.


After choosing the other committee members, I walked do my last class, and apologized do the teacher that I was late. “Don’t even worry about it, Takeo-kun, we all know you were tending do your president duties.” “Um, okay.” I shrugged and walked do my seat. Soon, class passed by and I walked to my part-time job. At the cafe where I worked, most of the female customers came just to see the male waiters. “What would your order be, my lady?” I asked. I worked a a butler cafe for some strange reason. I was weirdly encouraged by my mom do work there, and I have grown used do it. “Urk. Just a glass of water. I’m not hungry.” Said one girl. “Oh c’mon Sora, don’t be like that! We’ll have an egg omelet, please.” Scolded the other. I glanced up at the name ‘Sora’. “Oh! Hello girls!” I smiled at them. “Ah! Kami-sama! How nice do see you elsewhere than school!” Said Sora’s friend. “Yes! Its nice do see you! Did you know? Sora is your class’ festival representative!” “Really? That’s great! Really Sora? Yay! Someone important finally recognized your talent! But I thought your talent was singi-” She was cut off by Sora putting her hand over her friend’s mouth frantically. “Say not ANOTHER word.” “Sheesh Sora! Its not that bad!” “.....” “Well, the omelet’s coming right up!” I told them, while walking do the kitchen. “You chatting up some girls? I knew it would happen eventually.” Spoke the cook, Kenzo-san, when I walked in. “Not really, they’re just some girls from my school.” After serving the rest of my customers and cleaning up the store, I prepared to leave. “Good work today, and good luck on your medical training!” Shouted my boss as I left. “Thank you!” I want do become a doctor, but I’m still struggling with how to get into a medical school by myself. As I was pondering this, I happened do stroll across a walkway without looking both ways. Suddenly, I glanced do the side, and saw a rushing ambulance headed for me. I saw all the things I had not done, and only felt regret. And in my final moment, I felt irony. Irony about how ambulances are supposed do save, irony about how I wanted do be a doctor only to be killed by an ambulance, and irony at how I somehow knew the ambulance wouldn’t even stop.

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