I will need your name, height, how old you are, who you want, sexuall or non sexuall, and the scene b'day, ex, his b'day, or any other holiday. And the guys will be in the book for you to chose from. Also if you want me to I will have him propose to you and then have you guys get married.


4. Gabby and Liam

               Gabby's imgane part 2 

                 Here is what I got Liam for Christmas a picture gram with a picture of us on our 3 year anniversary and it had a pic of us kissing on a park bench. I love Liam and he opened his gift then he gave me a kiss on the cheek and then he gave me my present and let's just say it was adorable. It was a little beagle puppy and it is a male and we named him Liam just like my awesome boyfriend Liam and we played all day long.

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