I will need your name, height, how old you are, who you want, sexuall or non sexuall, and the scene b'day, ex, his b'day, or any other holiday. And the guys will be in the book for you to chose from. Also if you want me to I will have him propose to you and then have you guys get married.


3. Gabby and Liam

                 For gabby loves Liam Payne 

            I was spending Christmas morning with my wonderful boyfriend Liam and his mates. I just got to say me and Niall are both 5'3 but the difference is I am 19 and they are 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24. Liam is 20 and I can tell that he is gonna love his gift from me!!!!!!

       There is gonna be another chapter for this, Gabby loves Liam Payne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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