The Bully Stories

This is a collection of stories by real people. They are encounters with bullies and we want to show you them so you can see what happens to people. I hope you enjoy and this shows you what the real world is like. And how we need to stop it. PS ask to coauthor different editions of this... share your story. NO NAMES PLEASE.


2. Math Class, How I Hate You (Hazza Babez)


Last year, there was this annoying kid at my school. He was in my class (Yayyy...) and sat across from me in math class. Woohoo. Then there was a girl who loved riding horses and wore cowgirl boots to school everyday (You know who you are).

The boy would always draw all over my binder. I would pull it away from him and he would kick me underneath the desk. Hard. I would kick him back and he would be all, " MRS. ZIMMER, SHE KICKED ME!!!" and I would get in trouble.

And when we were in tables, they would both be there. They would say how dumb I was, how I couldn't spell (pffft. I doubt they can spell Mississippi)... It made me had math class. They would torture me. I couldn't focus... maybe I got worse grades because of that.

But there was one day that was particularly bad. They were saying how stupid I was and how I had problems and crap. Blah blah blah. They took jab after jab at me. I couldn't take it anymore, and I burst into tears. The teacher took me out into the hall.

"What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"They were saying mean things about me!!" I wailed through gasps of breath. I could hear the kids acting crazy inside the room (there are no doors for our classrooms).

Eventually, they stopped picking on me. Well, in math, at least.


STRATEGY: Show them who's boss. They have no right to judge how smart or pretty you are, only you do. Fight back. Don't show them that your heart is breaking on the inside, stand up tall and bear your braces, or whatever they're making fun of you for. That's all. PEACE.

-Hazza Babez

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