Protection Brought to You by One Direction

Jasmyn Wilde is a princess. No, seriously, she is. Complete royalty. She is the daughter of King Joseph Anthony Vincent Wilde. Her father married a peasant girl and then they had Jasmyn. Her father was poisoned and anarchy ran throughout the kingdom. Now her father's arch-enemy is looking to take over the kingdom. One Direction secretly works as body guards for a Princess Protection Program and was assigned to take her away from her kingdom - and her mother - for safety. Will the boys succeed or will they let Jasmyn out of their grasp and into the arms of her father's enemy?


7. Last Night Home

Hey guys!  Sorry for not updating for what, a month?  I've just been busy and I had writer's block.  But I think it's gone.  Sorry if this chapter sucks! Xx


I'd been practicing and perfecting my British accent for weeks.  I already lost my Italian accent anyway; I was used to acting like a Brit.  Louis' little sisters had been helping me and I'd grown close to all of them, especially Lottie.  She was great.  She had the best sense of humor like her brother.  She was great at making me smile when all I wanted to do was mourn my father's death and cry because I was separated from my mother.  She comforted me and we shared secrets.

I was going to be going to school tomorrow.  I was going to be going to the same as Lottie.  We went school shopping together and she told me what was in and things like that.

"So, our little girl is going to school tomorrow!" Louis said, looking teary-eyed.

Charlotte rolled her eyes.  "When did you give birth to royalty?  And how did you become so attached to her that fast?  'Your little girl' is going to be fine tomorrow!  I'll be with her.  I told her what kids to avoid, where to sit at lunch and in class, how to navigate through the place, and what boys were the smartest, nicest, coolest, and hottest."

"NO BOYS!!" all five boys shouted.  

"For either of you," Louis added.  "My sister and my 'cousin' will not fraternize with players.  Sorry.  Not happening."

"I'm not allowed to date anyway.  When I am old enough, I will be presented with suitable men to compete for my hand in marriage.  Which is something I do not want.  Some of these boys will be princes, or even commoners.  If I can't choose one, one will be chosen for me.  I don't like the idea of a prearranged marriage or a forced one.  Apparently, nobody in my kingdom ever believed in love besides my parents."

"Then why should you have a forced marriage if your parents believe in love?  That's not fair," Zayn said.

Charlotte nudged me.  I looked at her and her expression read "Jealous much??"

"Only the Kings can choose their bride from whoever he loves.  The Queen, well I'm technically a princess still, will be presented a group of selected men that would be okay to choose from.  Or one gets chosen for her.  Kinda sexist if you ask me," I answered, not using correct grammar.  A princess should always use correct grammar but hey, I'm Olivia Tomlinson now.

"You should do something about that, if you really dislike the tradition so much," Harry said.  "I'll help.  I love changing things, or disobeying rules."

"Uhh, thanks..?"

"I'm borrreeeddddd!!!!" Niall declared, from where he was sitting upside down on an armchair.

"Go shove some food in your mouth, you little vacuum cleaner," Louis countered.

"I am bored as well," I said.

"What would you like to do, then?" Liam asked, his full attention on me.

"A nap sounds pretty good right now," Zayn said.

"Agreed," we all muttered, even Louis' other little sisters, and Niall.

I went to my room and lied down on my most comfortable bed, pulling the covers tight around me.

I heard a knock on my door and to my surprise, it wasn't Louis.  It was Lottie.

"Hey," I said, sitting up.  "Whatchya need?"

"I think my brother and Zayn like you.  Or even Harry.  Possibly Niall.  What's your secret to getting four guys at once to notice you?" she said, her eyes winkling excitedly.

"First of all, I have no secret.  Second of all, none of them like me, okay?  We've just grown close.  I have no parental figure in my life.  I see them as my guardians.  They're like family to me.  I don't think they would like some endangered 15 year old girl anyway.  That's weird."

"Sure, sure.  Just take my word for it.  I'm intuitive; it's my sixth sense.  I know love when I see it.  Even though it'd be weird for you to date my brother, I want you to so that when you get married, you'll be my sister-in-law and I won't ever have to forget you.  Besides, you look cute together."

"You won't forget me.  We've taken about a dozen selfies together.  And when it's okay for me to have a phone, Stefan will give me your number.  You're my best friend, so I could never forget you," I whispered.  We hugged and there was another knock at my door.

Zayn opened the door and stood in the doorway awkwardly.  "Sorry, was I ruining something?  I just wanted to see if Jasmyn was okay."

"Oh, I was just leaving.  She's all yours.  Bye you two!" Charlotte practically ran out the door.

"Hey.  I'm fine.  Why?"

"Well, you have your first day of high school tomorrow.  Aren't you nervous?  I wanted to keep you company."

"Oh.  Well thank you."

Zayn sat on my bed and eventually he lied down.  I remembered we talked for quite some time.  Then I fell asleep next to him.


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