Protection Brought to You by One Direction

Jasmyn Wilde is a princess. No, seriously, she is. Complete royalty. She is the daughter of King Joseph Anthony Vincent Wilde. Her father married a peasant girl and then they had Jasmyn. Her father was poisoned and anarchy ran throughout the kingdom. Now her father's arch-enemy is looking to take over the kingdom. One Direction secretly works as body guards for a Princess Protection Program and was assigned to take her away from her kingdom - and her mother - for safety. Will the boys succeed or will they let Jasmyn out of their grasp and into the arms of her father's enemy?


3. Going Home

Hi guys!  I couldn't wait to update again because I love writing this so much!  Thanks for all the favorites because I didn't think my writing was goo enough.  I told my language arts teacher about this and my mom asked if I was gonna show it to my teacher.  Should I?  And even though I might get a lot of homework, like today, I will try my hardest to update for you guys...which is what I hope you want.  Also HAPPY BELATED 20th BIRTHDAY NIALL!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!  SO yeah, here is the third chapter.  I might update again today.


I sat in the chair while the man who was going to pierce my ears was getting everything ready.  This man had several tattoos and also many piercings including big gaping holes where a person usually gets their first hole.

Zayn saw me staring and smiled.  "Those are gages."

I shuddered and held onto his hand tighter.  "That man better not put those in my ears, my mother would have a fit."

The man came over to me and I shrunk back into my chair.

"Come here, sweetie.  It doesn't hurt that bad, I promise."  He held the needle up to my ear and I shut my eyes tight, squeezing as hard as I could on Zayn's hand.  I just felt a slight pinch twice and then he was done.

"Go look," he said helping me off the chair and lead me to a mirror.

I peered into it and saw tiny silver studs where the bottom of my earlobe should have been.  They actually looked quite pretty.

"Now, you're going to have to clean them for six weeks.  Use peroxide and cotton swabs and that will take care of it.  They shouldn't get infected but in the event they do, you should see a doctor."


"Yes, but that would only happen if you don't clean them.  And if you are allergic to them.  But they're silver and I don't think anyone has ever had an allergic reaction to silver.  Well, it was nice seeing you, Princess.  Stay safe."

I was ushered outside and we went into a black limousine.

"We are now going to my home," Louis announced.

"Where is that?"

"Doncaster, why?" he looked at me.

"I would think it would be appropriate for me to know the location of my temporary home.  When will we be there?" I asked.

"Around an hour from now," the driver spoke up.

"Hey, these are private conversations," Louis told him, pulling the divider closed. 

I tried to cover a large yawn I felt coming on since it was unprincess-like to yawn largely.  But Liam noticed.

"Are you tired?" he asked.

I nodded and closed my eyes, leaning my head back against the seat.

"You can lie your head on my shoulder," Niall offered.  I leaned my head against his shoulder, thinking nothing of it.  However, I opened my eyes for a moment and saw Stefan giving him a stern look to which Niall shrugged.  I closed my eyes again and fell asleep.


"Olivia," I heard someone call my new name.  Someone gently shook my knee.  I sat up groggily and looked around to see the car had come to a stop.

Stefan offered me his hand and pulled me away from Niall.

"My flat!" Louis announced proudly.

"Flat?" I asked, still a tad groggy.

"It's what we Brits call home," Harry replied, smiling at the other boys, as if there was something else I didn't know.  Normally I would have inquired his look but I was too tired.

"Good to know.  Can we please go inside now?" I asked, feeling more sleepy than before.

"Jet lagged," Liam announced to us all.

Louis fished around his pocket for keys, I was assuming, and opened the door.

When I got inside, I was pretty impressed.  I mean, his 'flat' wasn't as near as grand to my castle, but his home was very cozy, and had that 'homey' feel I always read about in books. 

"Follow me!" Louis screamed, like an excited two year old, stretching out the last word.  I looked at the other boys, confused.

"Typical Louis," Harry whispered, smirking.

"Mr. Tomlinson, you do not want to scare the princess," Stefan scolded him. I wondered why he was so uptight.

Anyway, we climbed the stairs to the second level and walked down a hallway.  The door at the end of the hall was Louis', he said.  The room in the middle of the hall was his mother's and two other bedrooms were for his four little sisters, Phoebe, Charlotte, Felicity, and Daisy.

Louis led us to a room back downstairs and said it was mine.

Curiously, I stepped inside and looked around.  It was white with a twin bed and two dressers and a vanity.  It had it's own bathroom.

"I know it's not much," Louis said quietly.

"It's fine.  My room wasn't decorative back at the castle. I like this room a lot.  Thank you very much, Louis," I answered, quickly.

I turned to look at Louis.  I saw he had a big grin on his face and I walked over to him and hugged him.

"Well, I guess you should be getting ready for bed.  I'll give you something of mine.  Tomorrow  Stefan wants us to take you shopping.  So rest up, love," Louis said.

I pulled away and nodded.  "Okay.  Thank you.  All of you.  For everything."

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