Protection Brought to You by One Direction

Jasmyn Wilde is a princess. No, seriously, she is. Complete royalty. She is the daughter of King Joseph Anthony Vincent Wilde. Her father married a peasant girl and then they had Jasmyn. Her father was poisoned and anarchy ran throughout the kingdom. Now her father's arch-enemy is looking to take over the kingdom. One Direction secretly works as body guards for a Princess Protection Program and was assigned to take her away from her kingdom - and her mother - for safety. Will the boys succeed or will they let Jasmyn out of their grasp and into the arms of her father's enemy?


4. First Morning

The boys smiled at each other and then looked at me.  “No problem, love,"  Liam answered.

Why do British people always call everyone love?  That is a question I should ask them, especially if I want to seem like I'm an average British teenage girl.

"Good night, Olivia," Harry replied, shutting the door.

I sat on the bed in the dark, waiting for my clothes from Louis.  I heard a slight knock on my door and got up and opened it.

I saw Louis standing behind the door, holding a T-shirt and sweat pants.  "Come in." I pulled the door open so he could come in.

Louis brushed past me and set the folded clothing on my bed.  "Here.  This should suffice for the night.  It might be a tad big on you, but you don't mind, right?"

"No," I answered simply.  "Thank you, Louis.  For letting me stay here, for helping to protect me, for already being a good protector.  I feel comfortable around you already."

I saw him blush slightly.  "It's just my job.  I haven't even done anything for you yet.  I could mess up and then you could hate me for it."

I shook my head.  "You are going to do the best you can.  That is all you can do.  I won't hate you for doing your best and failing.  I will appreciate everything you have done.  So do not sell yourself short.  I am aware that this is your first assignment, but I think you boys can do a great job.  I believe in you.  All of you." I smiled.

"Don't put that much faith into us.  I don't want to let you down."

"You won't.  Trust me."

Louis didn't look convinced but he nodded anyway.  "Okay.  Well, it's getting late and the boys are asleep so that means you should be too.  Goodnight."

I hugged him again, unable to resist.  Louis was just so huggable and soft.  Did I mention he smelled good too?

He hugged me back, tightly and kissed the top of my head, then stepped back.  Clearing his throat he mumbled "goodnight" and shut my door.


I woke up to the smell of food burning.  Sitting up, I looked around and tried to process where I was.  

I'm not in my room.  Where am I?  Oh no, I've been kidnapped! I thought.  Then I remembered the events of yesterday.  My father's death, the march, the shooting, being torn away from my mother, the plane, the agency, and my transformation.  All of it.  Every single painful memory.  A sob escaped my throat and a single tear rolled down my cheek.  

I sat for a few minutes trying to pull myself together.  I pulled the covers away and padded barefoot into the kitchen, following the source of the smell.

I saw Louis standing at the stove and heard him curse under is breath and I laughed.  He turned around so fast I thought he would spin around in another circle.  

"Having trouble there, Louis?" I asked, stifling any more laughter from coming out.

"A bit," he answered sheepishly.

I walked over to him.  "What were you trying to make?"

"I don't know yet."

"I can help.  Ooh, let's make chocolate chip waffles!  And ones with fruit, too.  I do not exactly know what the boys like."

"That should be fine.  They eat a good amount of food.  But they're not morning people.  So be warned." Louis got a new pan and he took out other various ingredients.


About twenty minutes later I was sliding the last waffle onto a plate with a giant stack of waffles.

"That smells incredible!" Louis, who had been standing over my shoulder watching me prepare the food the entire time, exclaimed.  "How do you do that?"

"I was taught.  Cooking is a learned skill.  For most people.  It came easier to me.  I could teach you, if you want."

"Yes, please!" Louis begged.

I smiled and nodded.  "So...are the boys going to be getting up soon?" I inquired.

Louis shook his head.  "I doubt it.  Unless you wake them up yourself.  I'm surprised I got up as early as I did on my own and I'm wide awake.  You can wake them up, but at your own risk."

"I can wake them up.  I should be right back." 

I walked into Louis' room and saw the boys asleep on the floor.  "Hello?" I whispered.  "I made breakfast."  None of them stirred.

I thought to myself.  How should I wake them up without getting them angry?  They're going to be grumpy anyway.  Oh well.  "Wake up boys!" I said as loud as I possibly could.  I took one of their phones and played some loud, obnoxious music.

Harry shot up and looked around.  "Louis!  I'm going to..." Harry trailed off when he saw me standing there.  "Oh, you're not Louis.  You're Olivia.  What's wrong? Why'd you wake me up?"

"I made breakfast.  Waffles.  Chocolate chip or fruit.  Hungry?"

Harry shrugged.  "I could use more sleep."

"You fell asleep long before I did and woke up long after I did." I put my hand on my hip.  "Help me wake the others.  Remember, we have to go out today?" 

Harry nodded and stood up.  He cupped his hands around his mouth.  "Get up, lads!  There's a massive amount of food waiting for us!"

Niall jolted up and walked out of the room, quite quickly.  He looked tired but the food certainly got him moving.

Liam sat up and rubbed his eye.  "I'm not exactly hungry, Haz.  What did you wake me up for?"

"We have to take Olivia-"

"Jasmyn," I corrected Harry.  "Call me by real name when it's just us, please." 

"Anyway, we have to take Jasmyn out for clothes.  So we have to wake up early today." Harry answered.

Liam groaned and got up.  That only left Zayn to wake up.

"How do we wake him up?" I asked.

Harry thought for a moment.  Then he looked at me.  "I got it."  He walked over to Zayn and sat on him.

"This is your brilliant plan?" I asked doubtfully.

Harry nodded, seeing nothing wrong with his idea.  A few minutes later, Harry was pushed off the sleeping boy.  "Harry," Zayn mumbled, annoyed.  He put his pillow over his head and tried to go back to sleep.

"No, no, no, uh-uh, get up!" I commanded.  I pulled his arm but it fell back down.  I picked it up and tugged.  "Come on Zayn, work with me here!"  He wouldn't budge and so I looked to Harry for help.  "Harry!"

Harry stood up and started to drag Zayn out the door.

"Stop," Zayn mumbled.

"Then get up.  I made breakfast.  It has to be cold by now."

"Or Niall ate most of it," Harry stated bluntly.

Zayn stood up, not looking too happy.  His hair was messy and his eyes weren't open fully. 

We walked into the kitchen and I picked up the plate and microwaved it so it would be warm.  I set it down on the island and let the boys dig in.

"Do you want anything?" Louis asked me, with his mouth full.

"Um.  No, I'm good.  Thank you."

"You didn't eat last night.  And we didn't give you lunch either.  Did you eat breakfast yesterday?"

I decided to lie and I nodded.  To be honest, I haven't had much of an appetite since my father passed away.

"We'll be with you for awhile so we'll be able to tell when you're lying," Harry answered.

"I know.  I wasn't lying though.  I just have not gotten the chance to eat and I am not hungry at this particular moment." I lied even more and I felt worse about it.  "Just eat up so we can get shopping over with," I responded, attempting to change the subject.

Man, did I miss home.


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