Protection Brought to You by One Direction

Jasmyn Wilde is a princess. No, seriously, she is. Complete royalty. She is the daughter of King Joseph Anthony Vincent Wilde. Her father married a peasant girl and then they had Jasmyn. Her father was poisoned and anarchy ran throughout the kingdom. Now her father's arch-enemy is looking to take over the kingdom. One Direction secretly works as body guards for a Princess Protection Program and was assigned to take her away from her kingdom - and her mother - for safety. Will the boys succeed or will they let Jasmyn out of their grasp and into the arms of her father's enemy?


6. Author's Note

Hey guys.  Um, I just want to say the reason I haven't updated this story for awhile is that I have a bit of writer's block and I'm coming up with ideas.  Or trying to.  It's a bit hard with all this schoolwork/homework.  I knew where I wanted this to go, but I'm not quite sure how to get there.  So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions they'd like to share, don't hold back!  I'm considering another co-author, so if anyone wants to be apart of this, let me know.  You can reach me by commenting below or kiking me at gigi719.  I have a picture of Zayn.  So if you want to help me by commenting, kiking me, or asking to co-author, let me know.  Thank you.  Stay smooth!

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