kidnapped by the biggest boyband ever

Just read and find out?


2. you what

beths P.O.V

I just woke up in a dark room "Emily u there" I ask then I hear British voices and then the door slams open.

"you ******* what have we done to deserve this" Megan says walking through the door with niall and the rest of the boys.


"will you SHUT UP" Zayn said going to punch Megan but niall stopped him "Don't touch her !!" niall replied . Zayn started to walk to me " I wouldn't if i was you " Louis said trying to protect me . He is sooo sweet. 

" Right boys can we have a word outside " Liam said . when all 5 boys walked out we had a conversation on our own .

"They are sooooo gay " Emily moaned. Suddenly the door burst open and an angry Niall go's over to Emily and punches her. She fell to the floor " WHAT DID YOU DO ?" i asked going over to punch niall when Louis grabbed my arms and kissed me i could resist i had to kiss him back.

"can i be the first to say ... EWWW" Megan said," what if i kiss you"niall said but as soon as Megan could say anything niall kissed her it was sweet. The rest of the night they chated and kissed and then finally fell asleep in each others arms.

i will update soon promise my little potatoes coment what you think

Mrs Tomlinson x

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