kidnapped by the biggest boyband ever

Just read and find out?


6. the plan

Emily's P.O.V

I cant believe Beth would say that  i mean harry styles is FIT who wouldn't want to go out with him .Well i made my mind up i cant Beth's my well really close friend right  now and  cant trust him . wait  i think i should just forget about him and go home . i will need to tell Beth. 

"Beth can i ask you something " i asked her . " Yeah sure what " she replied  " I am leaving NOW don't tell them and i am never coming back " i said . " well at least you will be safe bye "she said with a worried face .


Beth's P.O.V

I cant believe she's escaping i need to tell someone but Megan's with niall right now. I need to tell ... Louis  were  so close he should be able to keep a secret. "LOUIS" i shouted "yeah what is it babe" he said walking towards to me "we need to talk i said grabbing him and talking him into the bedroom.

Louis P.O.V

omg was she going to end it with me she cant i love her so much. "em Emily shes planning to escape i don't want her to go but she will be safe without me i suppose" she said in tears WHAT!


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