kidnapped by the biggest boyband ever

Just read and find out?


4. Telling her i love her

 Harry's P.O.V

She is finally awake now its the time to tell her "em Emily can i speak to you outside for a moment" i asked "yeah " she said getting up and walking out the door closing it after me. " i-i well its hard to explain but em i i mean you don't really like me but i like you not i-in a friendly way i- i love you" i said at that moment Beth walked through the door with a angry look in her eyes " Emily can i talk to you NOW" she said grabbing Emily from me.

Emily's P.O.V

"WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR" I said angrily "i don't want you getting hurt your my best friend" she said she looked hurt what did i do wrong. Wait were did Beth go oh there she is kissing Louis

harrys pov

wait Louis is my friend i can say the same thing about Beth that she's not right for Louis but hes happy so i will leave them to do whatever they want.

i will update soon my little potatoes

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