The Hooded Girl

**My contribution to the "Skriv om et billede" competition on the Danish Movellas site. I was inspired by picture 1 and picture 2**


1. 1.

There was a time, a little girl.

Her skin was like snow, and her hood was red.

She walked alone, through the mighty woods.

She never knew what her faith would be.

The night was dark, and the air was cold.

A man who lived in the shadows followed her soul.

He hit her with a log of wood.

He took her home to his cave, that does no longer exist.

The city folks never gave up.

They looked for her day and night.

Her coffin was empty, her body never was found.

She wanders the world, to find her grave.

And every stranger who walks the woods alone, must die.

First then she can rest again.

Thus the legend of the Hooded Girl was born.



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