Four families: Cooper, Turner, Hughes and Andrews all have unimaginable strength and agility. They were born to be hunters. Hunters of demons and shape shifters that lurk in the darkness. All of them against the human race.

When Harriet Turner turns 16 her father tells her to pack her bags and say goodbye to her life. She is reluctant at first but once she arrives at the 'boarding school' she meets new people and begins to fit in.

There Harriet meets a boy who goes by the name Iggy, he is different to the other hunters and seems a distant person. Harriet is the only one he can trust but can she trust him?

This is a novel that mixes legend, romance and action to make a heart-pounding tale come to life.

Copyright © Georgia Ward 2013


1. {prologue}

When the monsters and ghouls first emerged from the darkness in early 17th century there was chaos, the normal human could not cope with the dangerous and deadly doings of those monsters that lurked in the darkness. The

re were many casualties, people mysteriously disappearing and deaths that could not be explained.

That was how the powerful ‘hunter’ was born. People were injected with certain substances that went straight into their veins. The first experiments consisted of small injections that lasted for a few hours, many failed and the human race thought that they had lost all hope. They began to believe that the monsters would kill them all and take over the world.

One day a scientist named Michael Turner accidentally mixed two chemicals together by accident. When he observed the product of his mistake he was taken aback by how normal it looked. Thus he injected himself with the product as he was near death and did not want to harm anyone else.

Michael was knocked unconscious for a day but when he woke he felt stronger than normal. He found it purely coincidental, as he walked down the stairs he tripped and fell but due to his new strength he found the ability to stop himself from falling.

Training day after day he got stronger and stronger, the injection was not needed again as the strength stayed and did not wear away like it had attached itself to his DNA, which it had.

Thus the race of strong, powerful ‘hunters’ was born. Only eight people were injected with the liquid able of making them strong. Michael did not want the whole human race to be strong as he believed some would use it to be bad.

Michael injected his wife first and then the other three married couples of which he was friends with. One they had been injected he placed them in rooms to sleep.

When awoken the people felt stronger than ever and began to train even more to see how far they could push themselves.

Over the years they grew older and produced many children to continue the legacy. When Michael passed away the others decided to wait until their children reached the age of 16 to train them and release them into the world of demons and shape shifters.

Their offspring continued to expand their families and add to the training program. They recorded all of the weapons they found worked in killing the demons and the ways they trained and hunted.

America became their landscape and during the 19th and 20th centuries most of America had small groups of the Cooper’s, Turner’s, Hughes’ and Andrews’ spread out across the country to even out the amounts of hunters in one place.

Still to this day there are more demons and shape shifters than there were before. A rumour began to spread between the hunters of two extremely powerful hunters that were to rise and save them all from the terrible demons and shape shifters who were once again taking over.


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