Four families: Cooper, Turner, Hughes and Andrews all have unimaginable strength and agility. They were born to be hunters. Hunters of demons and shape shifters that lurk in the darkness. All of them against the human race.

When Harriet Turner turns 16 her father tells her to pack her bags and say goodbye to her life. She is reluctant at first but once she arrives at the 'boarding school' she meets new people and begins to fit in.

There Harriet meets a boy who goes by the name Iggy, he is different to the other hunters and seems a distant person. Harriet is the only one he can trust but can she trust him?

This is a novel that mixes legend, romance and action to make a heart-pounding tale come to life.

Copyright © Georgia Ward 2013


3. {chapter two}

The plane journey is slow. Once we had reached the airport Greg exchanged the car for some money at the car rental place as dad had told him to. We went through the annoying security checks, more than once, and then reached the gate in one piece but tired as hell.

So many questions run through my mind and I wish I could ask Greg to answer them but firstly he is asleep and secondly there are too many. So I sit in silence, occasionally glancing out of the window to see if there is anything different when I look back but it all just clouds.

“There is like an hour left and then there is a motorboat ride.” Greg says, still looking like he is sleeping. He must have noticed I hadn’t moved or talked much. So I make a small noise to acknowledge his comment.

I lean my head on the window and begin to think about Brody, I try to shake him from my mind but can’t. That was badass Harriet; the memory of his comment puts a large grin on my face. I blink, remove the grin and pull the planes instruction sheet on all of the different dangers and begin to read.

After a few minutes of reading I finish it and put it back in the holder, “Greg I need the loo.” Greg moans and stands so I can get out of the seat. He yawns and puts his head back down.

I look for the sign that tells me where the toilet is, but don’t pay attention to where I am going and end up walking into a boy who is trying to reach his seat. I snap my eyes to his to apologize but am taken back by how good looking he is. I shake my head and forget his hotness for a moment to apologize. I am now bright red with embarrassment and he sees that, a grin has formed on his face. “I’m s-s-sorry.” I stutter, he laughs and nods.

“It’s alright.” He allows me to slide by him and pursue the toilet again but I keep on glancing over my shoulder until he finds his seat.


I pull my suitcase from the conveyor belt and then watch as Greg scrambles for his, it disappears and he sighs while I laugh. Letting go of my own suitcase I reach for Greg’s as it comes back around and go to pull it off but then I notice the boy that I walked into gazing at me, or at least in my direction. I lose grip of the case which moves on and the boy laughs. Luckily Greg grabs it and yanks it off, cursing as he does. “You are such an idiot.” I say, joking with Greg. He shakes his head at me.

“Well you didn’t manage to get it off.” There is a hint of annoyance in Greg’s voice. My eyebrows crease.

“Are you okay Greg?” I ask, carefully placing my hand on his shoulder, he turns to me and shakes his head.

“Nerves, I don’t know if I’m as good as the other trainees at my age.” Greg pulls the handle out of his suitcase and rolls it behind him to the doors, I copy and follow. I understand what he feels, well kind of. I don’t know if I will be as good as the others but his nerves are different because he has done it before, at a lower level, yes, but I understand.

As I look over my shoulder the boy is walking behind me, he is alone. I do not acknowledge his presence but I assume he is aware I know he is there from his smile I can see from the corner of my eye. I focus on the road in front of me and start to worry when we reach the harbour and he is still behind us.

Greg goes to rent a motorboat and I see the boy walk to the ferry desk, I wonder if he is going to the training centre as well. Before he gets on the boat he turns to look at me, I smile and tuck some hair behind my ear.  


The wind is strong and throws my hair in all different directions, the motorboat is going fast, and the sun is rising, added to the water splashing up at me I feel awake and alive. Even though I felt alive, I wanted to break down and cry. I’d left my dad, my friends and my life behind. Before I left I was attacked by demons that hit me until I bled. I should cry but then again I felt like I would weaken myself by crying.

“Where exactly is this island we are going to?” I ask Greg, he turns to me and then looks back in front of him, he points and then I spot the island, a beautiful sandy island at first sight, then I see there is more than one landscape. Beach, forest, mountains and...and ice? I stop when I see the icy part of the island. “How is that logically possible?” I ask Greg.

“They never explained it to me.”Greg explains I nod as he harbours the boat.

“Well why do they train here?” I ask stupidly.

“You don’t use them yet but I will be doing.” Greg looks up to the mountains and gulps, I can see which obstacle he is most afraid of, and I would be too.

I hop off first and then Greg follows, passing me the luggage. I stare around the island to see if there are any cabins, but most things were concealed with forestry. I turn to face the sea again and spot a ferry not far from land.

I follow Greg as he makes his way across the sand, which I feel, seeping into my shoes, and then moving through the forestry carefully, moving branches and stepping over certain plants. I copy his exact actions careful not to damage anything.

As we find the middle of the island I begin to see a set of cabins. “You get one each. It has a lounge/bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. It’s small but it’s living accommodation.” I nod, to say that they look that small and there is that much space I am quite happy. I thought we’d all have to sleep in the same cabin.

Past the cabins is a large two storey building, it looks fancy and like a mansion. As we walk in I take in the vintage decor. It is beautiful, the walls are flowery with teal and cream wallpaper and a fireplace sits in the corner. The floors are hard wood and with every step I hear the floor creak, it is clear that the house is old.

“Greg, is that you?” I hear a womanly voice and see Greg turn and half smile.

“Hi Eleanora.” Greg says walking to the girl and wrapping his arms around her, he smiles happily. The hug lasts longer than I expect it to.

“Why are you so early? And who is this?” Eleanora asks looking to me; I look like a weird person as I am currently removing my shoes to take the sand out because it has begun to annoy me when walking.

“We left early and then got a motorboat.” Greg says and then he continues, “This is my sister, Harriet.” Greg introduces me, I go to shake her hand but she pulls me into a tight hug. At first it is awkward but then I wrap my arms around her and I feel her kindness. It brings a smile to my face. When I let go she picks up my suitcase for me.

“You don’t have to do that.” She smiles at me and nods to the door, telling me and Greg to follow. She stops outside one of the cabins and opens the door wide, allowing me to walk in first. I step in cautiously and look around; it is as big as I thought it would be. She places my bag down on the wood floor. “I’ll leave you to get settled in.” Then she took Greg and left the cabin, closing the door and leaving me alone to sit down on the unmade bed and take a breath.


After an hour or so of making my bed and unpacking my bags I start to feel hungry so I exit my cabin and lock it with the key I found on the side. The house seems the reasonable place to get food and I think I remember Greg saying there was a dining room inside the house.

As I enter the house it seems empty but then I hear the chatter of voices, I know I shouldn’t eavesdrop but it sounds like a row, and I just can’t help myself. I step up to the door and listen carefully. “Adorabella is here, Adorabella Bea Valerie Turner is here right now. Are you telling me the truth?” The voice is manly and deep, and then there is a womanly light voice in reply.

“But she doesn’t know it.” There is silence and I consider moving away from the door in case they are going to leave the room but then there is a reply and this time it is familiar but I can’t put my finger on which person the voice belongs to.

Beautiful, strong and miracle.” The voice and I say in unison. Those words, I recognise those words, not as in regular words but they seem familiar, like someone has said them to me in that exact order. I hear a hand on the door and move to hide behind the corner, out walks a tall lean and muscular man, I detect late 30s, must be one of the leaders.

I step out to reveal myself to the man. “Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me where I could get some food.” The man spins around and smiles warmly at me.

“It is in that room my dear, help yourself.” He stares me down from head to toe, his eyes wide but I don’t know why, shock, happiness? “May I ask your name?” His voice is posh and deep, one of the voices in the room; it’s almost a chilling sensation when he speaks.

“Where are my manners? My name is Harriet, Harriet Turner Sir.” I say in a quick and hopeless tone of voice. I don’t know why I said sir; it may be the point in which I don’t like authority figures so I automatically try to impress them so they like me. He smiles and that means I have done something right.

“Run along and get your food then Miss. Turner.” He says beginning to walk, I turn to walk but then he stops me and says, “You don’t have to call me Sir, Harriet.” I smile and nod, loosening my shoulders and taking a calming breath.

The dining room has one large table in it, I guess that is for the superiors as it is fancy and also we all have our own kitchens, above the table is a large chandelier with what looks like diamonds lining the rim of it. “Pretty isn’t it my dear.” I snap my head down to see a short and surly looking woman lounging with her feet up on a counter as she sits on a chair.

“Are those-” She nods so I stop talking and look back to the chandelier. Then I remember why I came here, food. “I wondered where I could get some food.” I ask in a kind tone of voice, the woman smiles slightly at me and jumps to her feet.

“What would you like?” I think for a moment before asking for some pasta, tomatoes and bacon. She passes me all of the items; I thank her and leave the room with my arms full of food.

The man stops me as I pass him just outside of the house; I wonder if he purposefully is waiting for me. “I see you got what you needed.” I nod and smile, the conversation kind of awkward. I go to leave because I am not sure if he needs me any longer as the silence is lingering between us. It seems like he is observing my body language. He snaps from his gaze and reminds me of the banquet tonight, “Be sure to be there Miss. Turner.”

I reach my cabin and fumble for the keys which are wedged annoyingly in my pocket so I can’t reach them. Once the keys are in my hand I go to pull them out but end up dropping the packet of pasta I had acquired. I huff and unlock the door, walking in I place the other items down and step back out to pick up the packet but I find a girl smiling at me with the pasta in her hand. “Here you go.” She says kindly. She turns to walk away.

“Hey, would you like some? I am making a snack and I think there is too much.” The girl turns, shrugs and then smiles.

“Sure.” The girl walks in and takes a seat on the sofa/bed and says, “My name is Emily Turner.” I smile at her as I start boiling the water for the pasta.

“I’m a Turner too, Harriet.” She resembles dad, I wonder if she is a half sister but I don’t bother asking in case she isn’t and I offend her, I always question what I want to say to see if it will offend someone. I cannot stand people that just tell the truth, I know it’s the right thing to do, tell the truth, but some things are better left unsaid, especially things that could hurt or damage someone. I found that out the hard way when my best friend killed herself because the girls at school were being ‘truthful’ to her. I shake her hand after a delay of thinking and then turn my attention quickly back to the food. “Your first time too?” I ask to break the tension.

“You betcha.” She smiles at me. “What are you wearing tonight?” My shoulders drop and I remember I need to grab some clothes as I didn’t bring many.

“I need to buy some. Will you come with me?” Emily smiles and digs into her pasta.


The Patch is as small as Greg made it out to be. There are two clothes stores, girls and boys, a tattoo parlour, a small fast food court and a place that sells DVDs, CDs, Video Games and their consoles. Luckily I have a lot of money because of the selling of the car and dad gave Greg my savings, so I have enough for what I need and more.

We head straight for the girls shop but I stop before going in, my eyes drift to the tattoo parlour. I bite my lip; think about what I am about to do but go ahead with it anyway. I head to the tattoo parlour and enter the shop, it is a small place, one chair but the walls filled with all different designs. My particular design isn’t up there because it is unique.

“Can I help you?” I snap my head down to see a tall muscular boy with ruff dark hair, sexy. I blind and come back to the real world.

“I’d like to get a tattoo.” I say as if it isn’t obviously the boy smiles at me happily; I suppose he hasn’t had a customer in a while. I go to sit in the chair but Emily stops me, gives me a look and then lets me go. A warning look, a be careful look, not a what are you doing look.

“Do you see anything you like?” He asks and I stand in front of the chair. I loosen my shoulders and bite my lip once more.

“Can I have a special one?” I hope he answers with yes but I am not too sure. Would he have to do the design or can he freehand? He nods and then I realize I have to explain. “Have you seen a demon before?” He gives me a weird glance, looks to the floor and then back to me, he nods. “I’d like two green and a red one above them like a pyramid.” The boy thinks for a moment.

“Where?” I point to my right shoulder blade and circle an area. He smiles and nods lowering the chair into a table then he blushes. “I’m going to have to ask you to take your top off.” I laugh and do what he says; once my top is off I lie down on the table and wait for the pain.


Once I reach my cabin I say goodbye to Emily, we decide to meet outside the house five minutes before the banquet. As I reach into my shopping bag I pull out a simple black dress that is just above my knees, I saw it and fell in love. After having my tattoos done I needed some painkillers because it stung but It doesn’t sting anymore.

I slip the dress on and then look at myself in the long mirror I have found in the cabin, I look at myself from the back to see what the tattoos look like, the guy did a good job to say it was freehand, it looks beautiful and it is a memory to keep, the first demons I hurt.

There is a knock at my cabin and before I can cover up my tattoo in walks Greg, he stops and stares at it, I pull a half smile; half don’t have a go at me expression. He sighs and then pulls his top off, my eyes go wide. “What the hell are you doing?” I say. He rolls his eyes and turns so I can see his back, there are a few tattoos. One of a broken heart, another of a ghostly figure and one of, me?

“Why am I on there?” Greg gulps; I know he will tell a lie. I think back to my earlier thought of the truth not always being good and if he wants to keep something from me he can but he doesn’t, or so it seems at this point in time.

“Because you are my sister and you keep my strong when I am down.” I smile then check my watch.

“Shit.” Greg pulls his shirt back over his head and it hangs loosely on him. “I need to meet Emily.” I say leaving the cabin and handing is the keys to lock up, he sighs but takes them anyway.

I run to the house to see Emily still waiting, she smiles at me, ushering me inside. The room is buzzing with noise I see people I don’t know when I scan the room but then I notice the tattoo guy from earlier with two free seats next to him, I walk over and Emily follows close by.

When we reach him he smiles up at me happily, “May we sit here?” I say, he smiles and looks at Emily, eyeing her. He glances back to me and nods.

“How’s the tattoo going for you?” I smile and tilt my shoulder in his direction for him to see.

“It’s great.” As he gazes at the tattoo I see a question form in his eyes and I know it will be about the background to the tattoo.

“What does it...what does it mean?” I think about telling him but then I tap my nose to signal that it is a secret that I don’t want to share, as he nods the room goes silent, as do I.

“Welcome students my name is Dean Chambers,” I see that it is the man from earlier on in the day, the one who I asked for food. I knew he was important but I didn’t realize that he was in control of the school. “Firstly I would like to wish you good luck to the new students and to the older ones, be careful.” A few of the older ones laugh. “So I would like to make a toast to the hunters.” Everyone picks up their glasses and raises them.

“To hunters.” We all click glasses and laugh.

The food is served and it looks expensive and fancy, Emily digs in and we talk for a little while about our lives back home, I don’t tell her about the demons I fought or any of my secrets, I just tell her about my friends and Brody and my dad.

The night goes on slowly and eventually I get too tired to stay, I say farewell to the tattoo guy and Emily and head out of the dining room only to be stopped by the Dean. “Did you have a good time Harriet?” I nod; my droopy eyes are finding it hard to focus. “Are you okay?” I blink a few times and look up to him, nodding as I do.

“I’m just tired.” He smiles and looks back into the room, “I better go, and I have an early start tomorrow.”He nods.

“Good luck Harriet.” I thank him and walk away towards my cabin, my head begins to hurt and my shoulder is sore again, once I reach the cabin I don’t hesitate to pass out on the bed.  

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