Four families: Cooper, Turner, Hughes and Andrews all have unimaginable strength and agility. They were born to be hunters. Hunters of demons and shape shifters that lurk in the darkness. All of them against the human race.

When Harriet Turner turns 16 her father tells her to pack her bags and say goodbye to her life. She is reluctant at first but once she arrives at the 'boarding school' she meets new people and begins to fit in.

There Harriet meets a boy who goes by the name Iggy, he is different to the other hunters and seems a distant person. Harriet is the only one he can trust but can she trust him?

This is a novel that mixes legend, romance and action to make a heart-pounding tale come to life.

Copyright © Georgia Ward 2013


7. {chapter six}

I jolt upwards, my breath is speedy. The first thing I do is check my surroundings, where am I and why am I sweating like a pig? I turn and see my clock lit up to show the time, 3:00. 3am? I was on a...beach. Then I remember Iggy in a heap on the sand with a gaping hole in his head, the gun lying in the sand and the saltiness of my tears on my tongue.

The dream, it felt so...real, like it was actually happening. But I can’t even remember what led up to me shooting Iggy in the head. What if it actually happened? What if I didn’t dream it, maybe she took over and shot him and that’s why I can’t remember.

I throw myself upwards and chuck on a jacket, bare footed I run out of my cabin, not locking it and to the beach. When I arrive I hear voices but see no one, it may be behind me. I walk onto the sand, it tickles my toes. I remember the feeling of it in the dream. I take a deep breath and think hard.

Next I walked to the shore and felt the water lap against my ankles, colder than it was in the dream I step away. Twig snap. I spin around and remember seeing a shadow, telling it to do something.

Theo was there and he was pleading me to do something, something to help him. I can’t remember what, all I can remember is opening my eyes and seeing Iggy falling after I shot the bullet.

I search the sand for a gun, or a body, or some blood but I can’t find anything, it was all a dream. “Or was it?” I spin around and find Harold stood staring at me.

“What?” I say angrily, if there is something I can remember is the fact that Harold is being over powering towards me. I keep a stern expression.

He steps forward, “You heard me.” I blink a few times and shake my head. Then I turn and run away from him and in the direction of the cabins. “You can’t hide forever.” Harold threatens me.

I decide with cabin to knock on, realizing I had never been to Iggy’s cabin before I don’t even know which one it is. So I go with my instincts and knock loudly. I hear nothing so I knock again. The door opens lazily and I hear a yawn, Iggy arrives at the door. “Harriet, what are you doing here?” His eyes are squinting, trying to focus on me. I go to say something but he can see my distress, he pulls me into the cabin.

Iggy pulls a shirt on over his bare abs and clicks the kettle on. “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t be here at this time.” Iggy smiles and stretches, trying to make me feel comfortably.

“It’s fine.” I feel the tears coming, so I rub my face and try to make them go away; he can see that I am keeping something back. “Are you okay?” I rub my neck and stare at the ground, shaking my head.

I glance up at him, his eye focused on me. “I had a dream.” Iggy nods, the kettle clicks off and I believe he realizes he is staring too much so he tends to the drinks. “That I was on the beach, and I was just stood there when Theo came out of the woods.” He turns abruptly to me.

“Did he hurt you in this dream?” Iggy’s words are sharp and stern, I shake my head quickly.

Then he turns back to the drinks. “All of a sudden I had a gun.” I said in a strained voice, trying to remember the details of the dream. “And then there is the part I remember for certain. Theo was pleading for me to shoot him.”

“For you to shoot him?” Iggy says repeating my words and handing me the drink. Then he sits on his bed and crosses his legs only in a t-shirt and boxers.

I nod. “Then the gun rose, closed my eyes and as I pulled the trigger I opened my eyes but it wasn’t Theo stood there.” Iggy’s watching turns even more intense, I know he wants to know who it was but I realize I don’t know if I can say to him that I have a fear of killing him. What does that mean? That I care for Iggy?

“Who was it? Your brother, Dean, Caleb?” I shake my head and then gaze up to him, his eyes go wide. “Me?” He points to himself and I nod. Iggy doesn’t say anything for a few minutes. “Then what happened?”

His interest surprises me, “Well, I fell into the sand and just...I don’t know. I can’t remember.” My breathing picks up again, “But, this is hard to say, when you tried to kiss me...”

“Don’t worry about that, I got the wrong-”I stop him.

“It’s not I didn’t want to but as I looked into your eyes, I saw Theo, not you.” Iggy doesn’t reply straight away, I suppose he is processing something in his head by the look on his face.

Then he says something that surprises me, “Close your eyes.” I go to intervene but he stops me, “Do it.” So I do, I take a leap of faith and close my eyes for him. The boy I shot.

From my hearing ability I can hear the cup be placed down on the worktop surface near the sink, then I hear footsteps towards me. Hands touch me and I think about opening my eyes but I remember that he wanted me to keep them closed. I squeeze my eyes shut tighter to keep myself from opening them. Breath can be felt on my neck and I feel his face near mine. Iggy leans in and my heart is racing. Anything could happen in this moment and something does. Iggy’s lips press against mine, soft and lovely. My heart racing and I throw my arms around his neck and he picks my legs up to wrap around his waist.

Iggy carries me to the bed and eases me down onto the mattress, I straighten my legs and feel him holding my back and pressing down on top of me slightly. I smile between his kiss and take a slight breath. I want to open my eyes but I am scared to, I’m scared that Theo will be there to greet me. “Iggy-”Iggy pulls away and I slowly open my eyes, carefully. When I fully open them it isn’t Theo I see but Iggy. He smiles at me and I pull him back down, messing with the nape of his neck.

We lay, backs to the bed, hand in hand, staring up at the ceiling. “Thank you.” I say softly.

“For what?” Iggy laughs, turning his head to look at me. I turn my head slowly and gaze into his eyes.

“When you told me to close my eyes.” He gives me a cute look with his eyes, raising his eyebrow. I turn to look back up the ceiling but this time scoot so I am resting on Iggy’s arm. I settle down and close my eyes, trying to rest and get an ounce of sleep.


I stare down to the ground, how did I get here? In fact, where am I anyway? As I look up the surroundings seem familiar to me, I know it is a cabin but it is not mine. I roll over and fall off of a sofa, my arms aching.

Standing I stare around and find that the cabin is empty and dark. I feel around for a light switch and find one near the door. Once again I examine my surroundings and find that it is Greg’s cabin I am in, and then as I realize whose cabin it is, Greg appears near the bed, looming over me, I jump back.

I keep myself as far away from him as possible, his expression shows nothing it is blank, his feature almost not there. Almost faceless. Greg steps towards me and I step back. “Listen.” That is exactly what I do, I hear birds chirping but no light from outside, it is not morning nor is it night. Then there is a smash and my head abruptly turns back to Greg, a plate in pieces next to him.

“What are you doing?” I ask, confused. Greg’s expression doesn’t change, he just takes another step towards me, I move back again. “Stay away.” Greg doesn’t stop he carries on walking towards me and I hit the wall. There is nowhere for me to go now, the cabin is too narrow for me to pass him without him touching me so I press myself against the wall.

Greg grabs my arm and squeezes it is extra painful due to my bruises. “Let go.” He doesn’t, only he raises his arm to slap me and as he does I cower trying to get away from him. His hand meets my cheek and a rush of pain shoots through my face, it feels real. Maybe it is real. “Get off of me!” I shout but Greg just gives me a merciless look.

I escape his grasp but he pulls a gun so I stop, my breath is fast, heart racing. He isn’t going to shoot me, he has no reason to, and he is my brother not a killer. But he does and the bullet goes straight into my chest. I fall to the cabin floor, the pain overwhelming. I can’t move and I want to wake because this is a dream and it isn’t real.


I shoot up from the bed, sweating once more. This has happened twice in the same night. Sleep seems so distant now. The dream is burned in my mind unlike the first dream. I can remember almost every detail and it scares me. Iggy stirs beside me, “Harriet?” He questions me. I don’t know what to say, I try to calm my breathing but it is hard.

Iggy now sits up, hand on my back, rubbing gently. “Oh god.” I say quietly. I stand and grab my coat swiftly. “I have to go.” I run out of the door but hear Iggy running behind me.

“Harriet, come back.” Iggy says probably standing at his door. How bad would this look to someone watching, a girl running from a boy’s cabin in her pyjamas and no shoes, the boy topless. It makes no sense to someone who would observe.

The beach is where I go, the sun is now rising and it sooths me a little the fact the nightmares can’t touch me in the day. Am I going insane? These dreams feel so real, like I am there and it is actually happening. Are these my fears coming to light, not being able to defeat Theo, hurting Iggy and even my own brother turning against me and killing me? What do those dreams have to do with what is going on? “I can answer that.” I spin and find Harold stood across from me.

“How can you read my mind?” I demand, it is creepy and it seems he is always there in the moments where I want to be alone. The moments that are most personal to me, he is there waiting for me to ask something so he can answer.

Harold steps forward, I can see the gun in his hand and he knows I can because he is reading my mind, I can see the concentration on his face. He knows what plan I am going to use, run, grab and shoot.

I run at him but he doesn’t raise the gun, I punch his jaw but he doesn’t react. Then I take the gun and all he does is smile a menacing smile at me. But there is no shot, I can’t shoot him while he knows what is going on with me, I need answers and quickly.

I point the gun at him and all he does is raise his hands in surrender. “What the hell is happening to me?” I ask, of course he knows, he is the one doing this to me, getting me to trust him by reading my mind, accessing my dreams to show me my fears coming to life. Why is he doing this and how? “You know the answer so tell me!” I shout, the gun trembling in my hand.

“I made Theo try to rape you.” I clench my hand around the gun but do not pull the trigger; I can feel tears rolling down my cheeks. “I have been showing you your fears.” Why is he admitting to it? “And I can tell you now that it was all for a good cause.” The words leave his mouth and immediately I despise him more than ever.

“What cause?” I shout at him, straightening my arms and aiming the gun at him perfectly. Harold steps forward, “Don’t you dare move or I will shoot.” Harold sneers.

“To get you to show your potential.” This is a mad man I am talking to, one that is trying to tell me that he is showing me my fears to help me. It doesn’t help it just scares and infuriates me. My finger tightens on the trigger, “Don’t shoot Harriet. Let me help you.”

“Let you help you are the one doing this to me!” I go to shoot but someone shouts my name from the woods. 

“Don’t do it!” Theo shouts running at me quickly, he tries to get the gun but I hit him with it and then kick his ribs, he still stands going for me again. This time I elbow his chest and then trip him with my legs, but he makes me drop the gun. It falls into the sand and Theo goes to grab it when I kick his ribs so he rolls over and coughs up blood. Once I grab the gun I turn to Harold who is concentrating on Theo, “You are doing this!” I shout stepping back from the pair of them. “You are making him do this.” Theo is in a lot of pain and I caused this, I am not crying hysterically but keeping my tears in. “Stop it! Stop using him to get to me.” I see the life escape Theo and run to him.

Falling into the sand and shaking him I realize that he is just passed out and I calm down a little. I turn and hold the gun up again at Harold positioning myself properly. “Put the gun down Harriet.” I shake my head; my vision isn’t great because it is blurred by the tears. I blink a few times and clear them out.

“Stop hurting people.” I say distraughtly, harming people to get me to be better at being a hunter. It doesn’t make any sense to me but at the moment nothing makes sense.

“Lana, put the gun down.” I turn to see Greg walking towards me, what the hell is he doing here? He shares a concerned look with Harold and steps towards me; I don’t know what to do with the gun.

“Lana?” My breath is fast. Is he confused, my name is Harriet. But he is looking at me and saying Lana. That name I heard it at the beginning from...Harold, in his room. “What is he talking about?” I ask Harold; whoever I address I keep the gun pointed on them. It is two against one and I will never win.

Harold stares at Greg. “Isn’t it time we tell her the truth?”Greg says to Harold, his voice quieter than normal it seems like he is different that he was before, calmer, changed.

“The secrets do not come to light until she is ready.” Greg lifts me up off of the sand and into his arms, picking me up off of the ground, gun still in hand. Greg glares at Harold. Right now in this moment I feel like my whole world is turning out to be a big lie. What do I do?

“She is ready, you have tested her enough Harold.” What are they talking about? Who the hell is Lana and why are there a load of secrets? I know that there are secrets being kept from me but a name? Lana, it seems familiar to me but distant like a dream after you’ve had it, not just heard from the office on the first day, I have heard it before.

“Take her to my room.” Harold says urgently and Greg does just as he says, I drop the gun and walk with Greg, almost in shock by what I have done and heard all in one night.  

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