Four families: Cooper, Turner, Hughes and Andrews all have unimaginable strength and agility. They were born to be hunters. Hunters of demons and shape shifters that lurk in the darkness. All of them against the human race.

When Harriet Turner turns 16 her father tells her to pack her bags and say goodbye to her life. She is reluctant at first but once she arrives at the 'boarding school' she meets new people and begins to fit in.

There Harriet meets a boy who goes by the name Iggy, he is different to the other hunters and seems a distant person. Harriet is the only one he can trust but can she trust him?

This is a novel that mixes legend, romance and action to make a heart-pounding tale come to life.

Copyright © Georgia Ward 2013


5. {chapter four}

I pull my long and comfortable shirt on and sit down on my sofa, picking up a book I settle down and begin to read but the silence is quickly interrupted by a knock at my door. “Sorry, two seconds.” I find a pair of shorts and slip them on. I peek around the door to see Iggy; he smiles a large smile at me, not like I’ve seen before.

“Hi.” He says I open the door fully.

“Hello.” He laughs and I join in.

“I wondered if you wanted to go to this get together we are having at the beach?” I think about it.

“Give me a minute?” He nods. I step back inside and find a nice dress that is flowery and colourful. It is a warm night so I decide that I will survive without a jacket. I slip into the dress, fully aware that the door is still open and then slip some flats on. “I’m ready.” I say to Iggy, grabbing my keys and locking the door.

We walk through the forest until I can see beach and a fire roasting. Theo waves to me and I wave back happily. Then I turn to find Iggy looking depressed once more. “Are you okay?” I say stopping him, he nods but I can tell he isn’t alright. “You can tell me.” Iggy shrugs and walks towards the other, leaving me alone. I suppose he can’t tell me because who can you trust really? I guess he can’t trust me but the way he looks at me it is...intriguing.

I sit down next to Theo and he welcomes me with a tight hug. I hug back and when he releases me he asks me something peculiar, “Do you like marshmallows?”I laugh and nod simultaneously. He hands me a marshmallow on a stick and I hover it over the fire.

“So Harriet, how did you find out about being a hunter?” Ethan asks me.

“Well, it was my birthday...” I explain my story about waking up being told, then attending school; I didn’t skimp on the information about the rival between Brody and Greg. Then I told them about the demons but only vaguely, not enough for them to guess about my tattoo, and Greg who came to kill them.  

“Were you close with this...Brody?” I hear someone ask, I find that it is Iggy. I look to him and see jealousy in his eyes.

“Well...kind of. I mean we were in a relationship and I told him most things.” I say but then there is another voice.

“Iggy why are you asking her about her boyfriend and not about the demons she fought?” Theo asks his brother, turning to me he expects me to answer a question that has not been asked. 

I look to Iggy and give him a look of longing and wanting and he receives it. “The demons?” Ethan asks.

“I don’t know how I did it but I reacted, like I did with Max and they kind of backed off but then the leader attacked me. Greg came and just...he just.” I stop and rub my eyes, tears are forming. They are tears of fear. I stand, dropping my marshmallow to the floor and walk away from the group.

I stand away from the group and hear footsteps. But I don’t turn to look who is there because I already know, or so I think. I feel a hand on my waist and I am turned, lips pressed to mine. I try to push whoever it is off, I do not know who it is as the darkness is blocking my sight. Then I am blindfolded. “Get off me.” I shout but then their hand clasps around mine. I scramble but they don’t let go.

I am dragged to the floor and I feel a hand up my dress, what is this, rape? I want to break free but their grasp is too tight. The blindfold slips and I see who it is, Theo. I scream through his palm but I am not loud enough for anyone to hear.

Theo’s hands wander and I gulp. What is he doing? I kick my legs but he pins me down. “Hold still and this will be easier.” Fear shakes through me, I begin to cry hysterically.

As Theo goes to pull my underwear off I hear another set off footsteps that makes Theo stop. I thrash and scream against him but my attempts at freeing myself fail and my screams are muffled. “Harriet are you out here?” My eyes lighten through the tears, Iggy. His footsteps get closer and I hope he hears something.

A sob escapes my mouth and then I see Iggy through the trees and he sees me, “What the hell?” Theo’s hand leaves my mouth and I scream.

“Help!” I shout, Iggy grabs Theo and punches his jaw. Theo falls and I watch Iggy hurt his brother over me.

I begin to cry again and Iggy wraps his arms around me, I hit him off. “Get away from me.” I say between cries. I pull my knees back and embrace them, rocking back and forth.

“Harriet, let me help you.” He picks me up and carries me in his arms out of the forest and onto the beach. He puts me down once we are back on the sand. Everyone is staring at me now and I don’t know what to do so I run and run and hope no one follows.

As I reach my cabin I fumble for my keys but drop them, crying I slide my back down the door and cry into my knees. The reality of what just happened has not sunk in; I don’t know what to call it. He did something that I thought someone could never do, it is wrong and evil and I have no proof. Whatever Theo was thinking wasn’t right, why me? Why anyone? I thought he was nice, caring and helpful. I feel violated and I don’t know how to cope. How do I tell Greg? Should I even tell Greg at all?

I hear chatter, it sounds manly and I go into panic drive because of it. Ethan appears accompanied by Maria, he sees me and smiles. “Are you okay Harriet?” I realize my eyes are streaked red with tears.

“Sure, just hanging around.” He can’t see me properly otherwise he would be trying to care for me and trying to pry an answer from my lips, my lips which were touched by Theo. My waist, my thighs, my hips all touched by Theo. His hand over my mouth, the fabric over my eyes. It all sends a jolt of fear through my mind.


I decide to not attend training today and try to get some extra sleep so hopefully I will be up for training tomorrow, it is not the fact that I am too tired to attend. It is the fact that I am currently an emotional wreck.

Around lunch there is a knock at my door and I wonder whether or not to answer it. I decide to before they knock the door down and make my headache worse than it already is. As I reach the door I wish there was a little peeker circle so I could see who it is before I open the door.

Dean Harold Chambers stands at my door, am I in trouble? Do I have to attend training? Is it mandatory? He steps in as if I told him to and closes the door behind him. “Good afternoon Miss Turner.” The dreaded formal address means I am in trouble.

“I can explain Harold; well I can’t because I would not like to share at this point in time.” Harold stops me.

“Iggy has told me everything.” I gulp everything. What exactly is everything? If Iggy has told I am going to-what am I going to do? Thank him? Hurt him? I don’t know if I should be happy that he has done what I could never even find the courage to do, “How you went out last night-” What if they kick Theo out; will they kick Iggy out too? “-and you ate something wrong and you don’t feel too good.” So he didn’t tell him.

“Yes. I was thinking of going to training tomorrow, I didn’t miss anything did I?” Harold thinks for a moment and shakes his head.

He steps towards the door. “I’d like you back in training this afternoon please Harriet.” He opens the door and goes to leave but before he does he says something that tells me that he knows, “That’s where you can get revenge.” I stand stood in shock before grabbing out my training uniform. He is going to pit me against Theo, I gulp. I don’t know if I will be able to do that.

I go to change but there is another knock at my door, I answer it immediately. “Harriet, I needed to speak to you. Check you were okay. What happened-I want to help.” Iggy says barging in, I forgot it was lunch. I don’t speak and I guess he understands that I don’t want to. “Are you coming to training this afternoon?” I nod and point to my uniform, he nods back. “Theo is there.”I nod once more. “Are you sure you want to go?”

“Yes.” He smiles; I guess he is being sympathetic.  

“She speaks.” Iggy jokes.

“Iggy-” My voice is weak.


“Did you tell anyone?”

He pauses before speaking. “Yes.”


“Dean Chambers.”I nod.

“No one else?” He nods.

“I would not tell anyone that I couldn’t trust.”

“What about Theo?”

“I can’t promise anything,” He sees my face drop. “But he knows he did something wrong so I doubt he will tell.” I nod.

“I will see you in class.” He nods, I nod. Then he leaves.


As I enter the class all eyes are on me, all except for Theo’s. Ethan comes over and hugs me tightly, I return the hug happily. Ethan is nice to me, he asks me if I’m okay, he cheers me on just like Theo did before something drove him to do such a thing.

Harold stares at me from across the room and nods, then Max turns to look and me and then back to Harold. I know he is talking about me and Theo to Max, about the fight he wants to take place. He doesn’t want to do anything himself; he is leaving it to me to sort out. But I don’t want to sort it out myself; I want him to do something. Then I am protected. What if Theo is stronger than me? What if? Of course he is as last night proved.

Harold glances over at me again and I shake my head with pity in my eyes, don’t make me do it. If only he could hear me pleading for this not to happen, if only. Harold dismisses my stare and turns back to Max.

The door goes and Greg steps in, glancing around he stops on me and charges over. Greg grabs my arm tightly and pulls me away from Ethan. “Where the hell were you?” I give him a look of confusion and rub my arm. “Have you been crying?” He is onto me, I shake my head, keeping quiet is the only way. “I came to look for you this morning and you weren’t here.”

“I was...ill.” I say, lying to my own brother has never felt worse. I gulp, wondering if he can tell that I am lying. He goes to say something but Max interrupts.

“Gregory Turner, will you please leave?” Greg glances away from me, and then leaves the room angrily. “Harriet, will you join me up here please?” I feel someone’s hand on my shoulder, Iggy. He nods and I take it as a ‘you will be okay’ nod. I step into the ring and keep my eyes on Iggy; he calms me for some reason. The way he looks at me is calming, helpful. But his brother is a traitor to me. “Theo.” My eyes skip to Theo’s as he looks up, I see his breathing pick up.

“Max, please-” Max shakes his head and points to the ring. Theo takes his eyes off of me as he climbs into the ring. He thinks he is going to lose but I am thinking the exact same thing. Max steps out of the ring. I glance over at Harold who is carefully watching every movement I make.

“Go!” We don’t move. Theo makes eyes contact.

“I’m so sorry Harriet.” A tear rolls down my cheek.

Theo lunges and hits my cheek. Staggering backward I steady myself, that hurt more than it should have. I punch him in the ribs but he stands. Then he goes to punch me in the side and touches my waist, the memory of him turning me around and kissing me burns in my memory. He succeeds with his punch and I fall to the floor, almost paralyzed. When he touched my waist it brought the memory back of last night.

I glance up to see him staring down at me, the same look he gave me last night when I saw him through the blindfold. Then he turns caring and touches my thigh as he crouches down to help, my thigh stings. I kick my leg up and it hits him in the crotch. I jump up and so does he, our breathing is at an alarming rate and I don’t know why I am gasping for air.

“I don’t want to hurt you Harriet.” I begin to cry, almost unaware of the audience.

“Then why did you do what you did?” If people have to know then let them. “Did you think you would gain something?”

He goes to hit me but I grab his wrist and twist it. He groans in pain. “Harriet-”

“There is no excuse.” He punches me in the ribs with a force and then kicks me down. I do a flip up and in the same movement clash my fist with his jaw.

“There is.” He sees my tears and goes to wipe them away when his thumb touches my lips. The touch sends me over the edge and my arms drop to my sides.

“Hurt me again.” Theo stops.

Max claps his hands. “Come on, fight!”

“Do it.” Theo takes a deep breath and then hits my nose, breaking it I feel something wet dripping down my face and I don’t know whether it is blood or tears. My arms stay by my side and I don’t move. The floor welcomes me as I drop and he beats me with a passion. Kicking my ribs, face and ankles. I am going to bruise everywhere and I feel like the pain is an old friend in this moment. One that will help me cope with everything that is happening.

“Stop it!” I hear a voice but cannot match it. “Theo stop!” It is pleading for me.

I watch as Theo drops to his knees and places his palms over his eyes, he is crying hysterically. “Iggy why are you stopping this fight?” Harold asks. I watch as he steps into the ring.

“She has had enough.” Iggy’s voice is bitter. All I can hear are the voices but mainly the crying coming from Theo.

“Are you sure, both of them are still able.” I see Iggy glance down at me.

“She has had enough, Sir!” He shouts angrily.

I start crying. I am in a pool of my own blood crying while the boy who did this to me is also crying. What has the world come to? When two people are pitted against each other and the only one who wants to stop it is the brother and friend. Now tell me that I am not messed up.

I hear the door go, “Dear Lord.” The footsteps are fast and coming towards me. I see Greg crouch beside me and shake me, I try to speak but I cannot. Greg turns to Theo and pushes him over. “What have you done?” He shouts. Iggy pulls Greg back.

“Theo. Explain yourself. You have caused all of this! What you did to her last night and now this. Can you see no sense?”Iggy shouts at his sobbing brother.

Greg stops, “What did he do last night?” Iggy gulps then glances back to me.

“I cannot tell you.” Greg grabs him by the scruff of his neck. “Greg stop please.” Greg drops him and then turns to me again.

“Speak to me Harriet.” I try again but I can’t. It is like something is blocking my speech. My heart is beating a mile a minutes and I can’t stop it but something does, Iggy’s hand linking with mine. He is sat next me as Greg argues with Theo and Harold.

“Iggy, why don’t we go?” Alex, Iggy’s cousin, says and Iggy shakes his head at him. I almost smile as Iggy starts rubbing my hand with his thumb. It is calming and I want to get up and tell everyone to stop with the arguing and fighting and I want Harold to apologize and I need Caleb to stop staring at me from below the ring like I’m a show and I want to go home and hug my dad. There is too much I want to do but can’t because I have been beaten.

“Thank you.” I manage before passing out.


It is not my cabin I wake in, I don’t know whose. I wriggle my fingers and smile, I can move again. I sit up happily and then see Greg cooking. I don’t say anything because if I do it will make the questioning begin sooner than I want it to. “I can see you are awake.” Greg says, still cooking. I make a noise to show I heard him. “Are you going to tell me what that was all about?” His voice is mean and bitter.

“Theo and I fought like we were told to.” Greg drops the knife he was using and the noise is loud and intimidating. He turns to me.

“Do not play stupid with me Harriet.” He is scaring me with his intimidation. He turns back to the food.

“I want to leave.” I mumble. Greg snorts. “Greg, let me leave.” I stand, but feel the weight of my body pull me back down. Everything aches.

Greg hands me some food. “Eat.” I push the plate away from me. “Harriet, eat!” He shouts. I push the plate onto the hardwood floor and it smashes. Greg stares at me, surprised by what I just did. “What the hell are you doing?” He shouts, standing over me.

“Let me leave.” I say, not letting him get the better of me this time.

“You can’t leave Harriet,” He grabs the dustpan and brush, “Until you tell me what all that was about.”


“No?” I nod. He stands and puts the brush down. “Harriet. Tell me. Then I can help you.”

I shake my head. “You won’t help. You will make it worse.”

“You weren’t ill this morning.” I glare at him and stand, this time managing my weight.

“No I wasn’t, happy?” Greg grabs my arm tightly. I push him off. “Greg, I’m leaving whether or not you like it.”

“Harriet, please.” He turns me. My brother, the controlling freak. He has always been like this, dominant over me. Protective and forceful.

“Theo...” I glance out of the window to see Theo staring at me, I turn my head fully. Am I seeing things?

Greg looks out of the window to see what I am looking at, “Theo?” He asks me. I blink and Theo is gone.

“He...” I stop. “I can’t say it.”

“You can.” Greg says letting go of me.

I shake my head frantically, “I can’t Greg. I can’t.” I turn and run out of the door, towards The Patch.


What a weird place to go when you have been beaten, threatened and stopped. The Patch seems different to what it did before but that was probably the start of the year feel. I step in and then walk to the tattoo shop.

I stop when I see my reflection, my dark hair is plastered to my face with sweat, bruises cover my body and some of my uniform is ripped. In the tattoo shop I see a girl but no one else, a tall, pretty girl that doesn’t look right for a hunter. She doesn’t smile when I walk in, just stares. “Are you okay?” She asks as I spot here. I nod.

“Is Dean here?” I ask rubbing my arms; I realize that I am cooler than I was earlier. She shakes her head.

“No, his father took him away for the afternoon. Can I help?” I think for a moment. I want a tattoo and from Dean but seeing as he isn’t here I suppose she will have to do. I nod.

“I want a tattoo.” She gives a little smile.

The girl nods to the seat so I sit. “What would you like?”

“Can I have a faceless guy and on my wrist please.” She nods and I place my wrist on a table she rolls over. “I am Harriet by the way.”

“Savannah Cooper, I recognise you from somewhere.” Savannah stops talking for a moment before nodding. “Greg Turner’s sister?” I gulp and nod. “Can I ask you something?” I nod again. “What happened to you?”

I adjust my sitting position as I was getting uncomfortable. “Well...I was beaten up pretty bad in training.”

“But aren’t you the girl who beat Max up?” I smile and nod. “Then how did that happen?”

“I was just...weakened by opponent.” That is truthful and I realize that now. I only lost because of where he touched me when fighting. The memory of what he did and was going to do made me feel weak, it made me give up because I couldn’t cope with what he had in mind for me.

“Do you know my brother? His name is Iggy.” Iggy. A smile surfaces.

“I do.”

Savannah finishes the tattoo and then walks to clean the brush but stops. “What’s this on your back?” I guess she is looking at the tattoo.

“That’s the one Dean did for me.” She turns the tap on.

“Are those-” Savannah quietens to a whisper, “Demons?” I bite my lip and nod. “I’m in my second year of training and I’ve never met any.”

I thank her leave the tattoo place to bump into Theo and Maria. I don’t speak but Maria starts a conversation. Theo is staring at the ground. “Harriet, are you feeling better?” I nod and keep my eyes on Theo.

“Feeling much better. I was thinking of still going to training tomorrow.” Maria nods.

“Sounds good, I will see you tomorrow then?” I give a fake smile and nod. Walking away I hope that Theo is feeling empty inside. Then when he finally has enough courage and he thinks he is in the clear I will bring his world down so hard he won’t know what hit him.

I walk into the clothes store and start looking for some new training clothes as mine are pretty much ruined. It is practically empty and that’s how I like it. I run my hands through the items of clothing until I find a black crop top and some black shorts. I’m just going to show off my figure. Because after starting here over the past few days my figure has gotten slimmer and curvier. Maybe it isn’t so bad here.

At the till I am served quickly by a man. I take my clothes and head back to the cabin. As I pass the forest I see Harold by the beach and then I see something red with him. It is climbing out of the water. As I strain my eyes on it I realize that it is nothing but a large fish that isn’t climbing out of the water, Harold is pulling it in with his fishing rod. I let my breath go and continue walking.

I go to pull my keys out but I do not have chance to open the door as fabric covers my eyes and a pair of hands pulls my arms behind my back. I hear the hangers and my keys clatter against the ground. 

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