What happens in New york.

When you are going to NY with your best friend, meet people you don't like but at the end will be your best friends and a lot happen? well sanne is going to NY with her best friend Daan and doesn't like One direction at all. But then everything changed and they end up being best friends and even a lover and 4 new brothers, you think life is easy then? well no. read and you find out


10. Three days later.

(three days later)


sanne p.o.v
My phone rang, and because I was in the room with the boys, I walked into the bathroom for some privacy.
  "Hello with Sanne?"
"Sanne hello how are you?"
"Umm who is this?"
"Your worst nightmare"
I was afraid
"Sorry who are you"
"You remember the attack on your home and onn your sister, this was meant for you but then you weren't there and now I know where you are and I'll get you, your parents aren't there anymore" he laughed maliciously.
I was scared and my voice began to tremble.
"No .. no you d...do...don't  know where I am  and my parents are in their room"
"I know everything"
"No you don't" I started to cry
"see you later beauty" and the line was dead.
I felt on the ground and began to cry.


Liam p.o.v
We are three days later and we have been very much together in those three days just nice to talk to each other and hang out in our rooms . We were playing fifa when Sanne her  Iphone went off. She walked into the bathroom and closed it and it is now 30 minutes ago .
We all sat on the bed to play FIFA and I was the closest to the bathroom door and that one was still closed , then  suddenly the door flew open and Sanne rushed out, crying she ran to the door and opened it and ran away .
I looked back at the guys who are all looking shocked to the door and I quickly got up to go after her , they followed me . I just saw the elevator close and Sanne was in the elevator
" She goes to the floor where her parents are staying" Daan yelled, who looked at the sign above the elevator door .
We quickly clicked on the button , but he didn't come so we took the emergency stairs .
Once on the floor of her parents, we heard a scream, we followed .
We reached the door where it came from and who was open , what I saw was almost indescribable there was  blood everywhere and her parents lay dead in bed , Sanne was crying and screaming and  held her mother's hand .
The first one ran inside , were Daan, I and Niall and we all took Sanne, who grabbed at the motionless body of her mother.

Eventually she let go .
We lifted her up and carried her out of the room. We fell down on the ground and Sanne made ​​a small ball of herself and started even harder to cry. I pulled her to me and hugged her , she was still covered in blood.  The other guys came down around us and it was one big group hug , she was shaking all over and I looked at Niall who called the police . Suddenly she began to move and we let loose, she stood up and walked to the door .
Her eyes were again very large and she started to cry again .
" This can't be happening , this can't be true , this can't be true "
She whispered almost to herself .
And then it happened she fainted and collapsed to the ground hard , we all gave a scream , Zayn was the closest  and quickly dropped down to her and picked her up .
"Come on lads we need to get her out of here , but someone need to stay here for the police "
" I'll stay " Louis replied.
With Sanne in Zayn 's arms we walked to the elevator and went back to my  and Niall 's room where we laid Sanne down on Niall his bed , still unconscious .
Daan was the first to speak : " shit man "
I had to agree with him .
" This is horrible" Harry said, looking at Sanne .
" you can say that" Niall replied.



Louis p.o.v
waiting for just 5 minutes when police arrived on the floor.
"Hello boy you're the one who called?"
"No that was my friend, but we have the daughter of the people with us and she fainted so they are gone to our floor and the boys took her to our rooms"
"Where is the room?"
"There" I pointed in the direction but didn't go there, the view of the parents of Sanne lifeless on the bed was still in my mind.
"Thank you and can you wait here?"
"Sure yes"
they walked  to it and I heard them whispering. They walked into the room and half an hour later they came back out with two covered bodies on the stretcher. They closed the room and the same agent came walking towards me.
"I'm very sorry to say but your friend is in danger"
"What do you mean, sir?"
"This work of murders we have seen before and the killer is someone we known, it's a serial killer which until now has been killed 57 people and can be hired by people"
He scared me broken.
"What now?"
"Stay with her ​​and all you have to get surveillance" and with that he walked away.
I felt against the wall and sank to the floor and sat with my head in my hands. What now?
I just stood back up and took the elevator to our rooms.




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