What happens in New york.

When you are going to NY with your best friend, meet people you don't like but at the end will be your best friends and a lot happen? well sanne is going to NY with her best friend Daan and doesn't like One direction at all. But then everything changed and they end up being best friends and even a lover and 4 new brothers, you think life is easy then? well no. read and you find out


18. long waiting

Niall p.o.v
I didn't know what to do and now that I've told her I'm the happiest man on earth. I looked at her, she was  too perfect for words. I took her hand and we walked together to the living room where the other boys were watching TV I told them that I would get Sanne  because we wanted to do something. We walked down the stairs into the living room, I still had her hand. I sat down on the couch, she sat  on my lap and started playing with my fingers and closed her hand around it. The boys watched to me with big eyes and Liam laughed, he knew what was going on here.
"What is this?" Louis asked
"What is what?" I asked
"That hold hands and everything" said Daan waving his arms and with big eyes looking at us.
Sanne looked up, she blushed and looked at me.
"What did you do in that room or what have you discussed?" Zayn asked.
"Well Niall told me something and I told him something and then we did this," she came closer to me, and gave a long kiss on my mouth. All of the boys mouths flew open and they all started to scream.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah my eyes," Louis cried.

Sanne smiled as her lips were still against mine and then let loose. I closed my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me. YAY
After the boys had finished they came at us and pulled Sanne out off  my arms.
"HEEY" we both yelled.
"Sorry but we just cuddle Sanne before you are permanently with Niall and we can't do this any more to you" Louis replied with a laugh. They all went to stand around her and started hugging in a big group hug.

"Okay enough again I can't breathe Sanne yelled,I laughed and walked toward them to pull her away.
"Hey guys, I really preached it if you let her live because I don't want to lose her "
I pulled her to me and then put my arm around her shoulder as she put an arm around my waist and we looked at the guys who started fake crying.
"Sanne I thought you were with me," Louis said while crying and hanging against Harry.
I chuckled, they are crasy.
She walked to Louis, and hugged him.
"Sorry but Boo bear remember that you are  my cuddle buddy  because you are  really good in giving cuddles"
He laughed and so did the rest, then he lifted her up and hugged her as he turned her around. He let her go again and gave a kiss on her cheek.

Sanne p.o.v
I was really super mega totally happy, YAY.
I sat down on the couch and was soon joined  by Liam and Niall each on one side of me, then  Daan and Louis sat on my lap and Harry pushed Niall aside and sat down on the other side of me, Niall looked at me weird and I shrugged my shoulders
"Okay guys what is going on here?"
"Well we are with six so we must share" Louis said as he leaned back against me.
"Yes love"
"alright then............"
Niall shook his head and went to sit on the bed.
"I am not going to share my girlfriend"
"You'll have to Niall" Harry answered.
"Because we love her and she is our sister"
"Okay just because you see her as a sister"
The rest chuckled.
"What are we doing today?" Zayn asked.
My phone rang so I had to answered that.
"Boys can I take?"
"Yes" they replied, apparently not going to stand up so I grabbed my iPhone out  my pocket and answered.
"Hi sweetie"
"Oo haay grandmother, how are you?"

"Yes dear it is grandma and how are you?"

"Good now I am spoiled here by six guys around me"
"Okay, that's great" she sighed
"What's wrong grandmother?"
I looked around to see that all the boys were listening.
"I had an appointment with the Prime Minister yesterday he told me that because you are a princess that you needed to come home or you can stay there but then you have to give up the crown, so you will not succeed and you have to be adopted by someone then everything is good, I know this is difficult and no matter what you choose, I will always be your grandmother and you can always call me sweetie "
I was speechless, they d
"Grandma, can I call you back I need to think about this"
By that I ended the conversation and I looked at my phone.
"Babe who was that?" Niall asked.

"Umm my grandmother"
"What did she want?" Daan asked.
"She told me something and now I have to choose"
"between?" Liam asked.
"If I go back to England and going to live with my grandmother or I'll stay here with you, but then I have to give up the crown  and I should be adopted by anyone to stay here, and I have no idea what I must choose "
There was a pause
"What do you like the most?" Asked Niall
"the trued?"
"Yes the trued" Louis said
"staying here"
"So you have made the choise"
"Yes, but it feels like I let my people back home down"
"That is not so, but choose where you feel most comfortable with" Zayn replied.

I thought, I honestly didn't want to go back home because I know when I'm at my grandmother I will lost my longboard  and that I should do the labels, I also know that I am now with Niall and don't want to lose him, too bad about the throne. My choice was clear.
"Okay I have made a choice and that is stay ing with you but who adopts me otherwise I should go still back" I looked around confused.
"Why actually you needed to be adopted?" Harry asked
"Honestly I'm 16 so officially I need an adult therefore"
"Ow okay then I get it"
Meanwhile, Liam walked out of the room to call someone I think.




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