What happens in New york.

When you are going to NY with your best friend, meet people you don't like but at the end will be your best friends and a lot happen? well sanne is going to NY with her best friend Daan and doesn't like One direction at all. But then everything changed and they end up being best friends and even a lover and 4 new brothers, you think life is easy then? well no. read and you find out


6. chapter 6

Liam p.o.v

Niall and Harry are acting weird and I never saw that before, it all happened when they saw the girl. Yes I had to admit she was really pretty and right when they saw her there was a change in the look of Hazza and Nialler. We walked to our rooms  and I opened mine and Niall's room. MAN these rooms were really big. I picked up my suitcase and bags so that I can walk in followed by Niall. We put everything down and jumped on the bed, so soft.......I LOVE IT. 5 minutes later I stood up to get my bags and opened the closet to put everything in there. Niall went to the bathroom and I heard the shower turned on, not more than a few seconds later I saw Lou come in, he looked at me with a cheecky grin and put his finger to his lips that I couldn't say anything. I chuckled typical Louis. He walked to the bathroom and opened the door, quietly he walked in and left the door open, I saw what he was doing the turned on the water so the shower would be cold, after that he quickly came out with Niall's his clothes and closet the door before running out off the door to his own room. I took a few seconds before I heard a scream, the door opened and a angry Niall came out with only a towel around his lower body, his upper body completlu red from the cold water. He looked at me and said:

"could you not stop him when he took my clothes with him?"

I shooked my head. "nope sorry mate"


Niall p.o.v
"You could not stop him when he took my clothes? 'I just screamed and Liam laughed. I sighed, just when I was in the shower, Lou came, grabbed my clothes and turned on the water so the shower water would be cold at first I did not notice until the shower temperature changed I screamed. Only one person had the guts for this and that was Louis.  I walked to my suitcase to, clicked it open, grabbed a few boxers and soccer shorts and walked back to the bathroom. I dressed there and walked back into the bedroom back to my suitcase and grabbed a white T-shirt with v-neck, pulled it  on and opened the door to the corridor.
"Ehm Nialler"
"yes LiLi?"
"You forgot something"
"And that is?"
"Your shoes"
I looked at my feet and realized that I just wanted to run away, barefoot. I grumbled and heard Liam laughing.


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