What happens in New york.

When you are going to NY with your best friend, meet people you don't like but at the end will be your best friends and a lot happen? well sanne is going to NY with her best friend Daan and doesn't like One direction at all. But then everything changed and they end up being best friends and even a lover and 4 new brothers, you think life is easy then? well no. read and you find out


21. back home

( next day)

I woke up , but not in the car so I looked around to see that I was in my room and I felt a pair of arms around my waist so looked beside me to find Niall. I smiled , turned around so I was with my face close to his face and gave him a kiss on his nose causing a smile on his face , and then he hugged me closer to him .
" Good morning beauty" he mumbled with his eyes closed .
" Good morning " and I wanted to climb out , but I was pulled back .
"Can I get more?" this time his eyes were open and he looked at me with a puppy face, he knew I couldn't resist that.

"Ugh fine just because you have a puppy face" and gave a kiss .
" Oh yeah why not just because you love me? "
" Well maybe a little , but do not think so ," I had now risen from the bed and I was getting dressed. Niall jumped out of bed and came behind me.
"Say that you love me "
"Say it ! "
And with that I ran out the room and ran down the stairs .
" Sanne say it" I also heard him coming down the stairs and shot into the living room where the rest were , they looked up.
" What is going on here ? " Louis asked.

"Niall is trying to grab me and now I have to go" because I heard him come into the living room. I ran to the other side of the room, and he came into the room looked around and saw me standing there, a smile appeared on his face and began to walk towards me and I ran away as we walked in circles in the room.
"Sanne say it because I know it's true"
"I never ever say it, never in a million years"
I came to the door and turned to walk away and shot out of the room, I heard Niall shout and shot in a closet. Just as the door was closed, I heard him run along and opened the door a little to see that he was gone, then I opened the door and wanted to run away when I was lifted off the ground and thrown over someone's shoulder.
"Put me dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn!" "No, I'm bringing you to Niall baby sis" said Liam
I started banging on his back and kick my legs.
"Sanne don't do that it is not going to help," he laughed
"Down Down Down Down Down Down Down Down Down Down Down"
"No no no no no no no no no no no no no"
"because he asked me"
"Ugh okay fine"
And so we came into the living room and I was placed on his lap and put as his arms around me. I rolled my eyes.
"Well, I ask 1 more time" he said with puppy eyes."ugh fine okay I LOVE YOU "
"Yes, I knew it," he kissed my forehead and I snuggled into his chest. He put his arms tighter around me and snuggled his head in my neck, I smiled and closed my eyes until I heard the clicking of cameras seriously, those guys never get enough pictures, but I ignored it. Five minutes later, my phone beebed so I picked it up and looked at what it was, a tweet. I opened my phone and went to twitter, and saw the tweet, it was Harry that tweeted a picture of me and Niall just now, uh, he was pretty cute so I saved the picture and saved it as my new profile picture.

Liam's phone rang and he answered.
"Ow shit yes thank you for saying Paul"
"Yes, we're coming"
And with that, he hung up.


Zayn p.o.v
Aw Niall and Sanne were so much fun together , we all sat in the living room watching television when Liam's phone went off and he picked up.

" Liam "
" Ow shit yes thank you for saying Paul "
" Yes , we 're coming"
And with that, he hung up.
" We have to go guys totally forgot but in about two hours we have an interview, so change clothes and then we can go huphuphup "  we stood up and walked to our rooms to get ready.
What am I going to wear?
I walked into my closet and looked around , my eyes lingered on my red with white baseball jacket , black pants, a black shirt with a white belt , a red snapback and red shoes . That's it. I grabbed my gear and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. After I was done , I walked out with a towel around my waist to the mirror and did my hair. (30 min later) I was finally finished it, I grabbed my iPhone and ran down the stairs into the living room where no one was . I heard thumping on the stairs and turned to see everyone came down the stairs, and they all changed clothes .

Sanne: high waist long pants with a white / silver blouse put into it, with a blazer over it, she had her light brown uggs on, and her hair was in a fishtail.
Niall: he had  beige pants on with a white shirt and his favorite red blazer and he had his red addidas shoes on.
Liam: light blue jeans with a plaid blouse on  and blue vans.
Harry: gray pants with black blazer, a white shirt with leather shoes and his favorite neck lass.
Louis: normal red shorts with blue striped white shirt, blue blazer and white tomo's.
Daan: white pants with green vest, gray shirt, green / gray snapback, green sneakers and a beaded necklace.)


I heard the car coming and  honk and with that  we walked outside, all got in and drove off.

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