What happens in New york.

When you are going to NY with your best friend, meet people you don't like but at the end will be your best friends and a lot happen? well sanne is going to NY with her best friend Daan and doesn't like One direction at all. But then everything changed and they end up being best friends and even a lover and 4 new brothers, you think life is easy then? well no. read and you find out


19. adopted

Liam p.o.v
This was a dilemma but  I knew an answer so I left the room with my phone in my hands . I knew exactly who to call .
It took a while before it was recorded .
" With Jonathan ? "
"Hay with Liam "
" Hey Liam how are you ? "
" Hey yeah okay you? "
" Me too well why are you calling? "
" I had a question , we are now in NY where we met a girl and her parents died a week ago now she was called today if she wanted to live with her grandmother the Queen of UK back or that she wanted to stay with us , she wanted to stay with us but the only problem is that she has to be adopted by someone then, so this is my question : can we adopt her? Harry , I , Louis and Zayn will be her brothers and put my parents there  as her parents . "
" and Niall? "
"they are together a couple and I don't think they will break up very soon  but write him there but not as brother can you do that? "
" I 'll see what I can do I'll call you back about three hours with the answer "
" Okay thanks man "
" you're welcome mate"
We hung up and I walked back with a smile on my face into the room where the rest sat laughing and talking , this is going to be interesting.


* ( three hours later ) *
Finally my phone rang , we were at an amusement park so I just walked to a quiet area , the boys knew about my idea , and thought it was a great idea, but they had to promise that they didn't say a word about this until I got the call, you could say that Harry and Louis were super excited about all this because they were grinning all the time .
I answered it :
" Hey Liam "
" Hello and what's the news? "
" I have good news , it can! Your parents agree and the papers have been signed Sanne is no orange - nassau more but Payne "
I jumped in the air.
" Aaah super thanks mate I'm going to tell her right now"
" Oh yes her passport arrives tomorrow at your house laterz "
" Laterz and again thank you so much!"
I hung up and ran to the rest who were waiting for me .
" Sanne I have to tell you something " I looked very sad to here and the others began to look sad thinking that it the adoption has been denied.
" Ow and that's Liam? "
" I've talked to someone about what to do "
" And what told someone you? "
"That you now no longer a orange-Nassau are"

"Why not?"
"because your name is now Sanne Leonore Mary Claire PAYNE"
Her eyes flew open and she ran towards me, she jumped into my arms and started kissing my cheeks and give me hugs, I  laughed, people were looking at us weird but we didn't care.
"Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!"
"you're welcome babysis".
She laughed and jumped back on the ground and sat beside me, I put an arm around her shoulders.
"Oh yes there is something else"
"What?" She asked.
"My parents are now your parents and Harry, Zayn and Louis also are registered as your brothers, Niall is not registered because I didn't think that was a good idea."
The other boys ran towards us.
"We all have stupido" Zayn said
Daan hugged her too but I took him aside.
"You also wanted in the contract Daan?"
"No it's good I need to leave in three days"

"why? "
his face fell and got tears in his eyes .
" I got a call from my mother, she was very upset , she wants me to come home and I also understand that , they need me home and Sanne have you guys, Sanne knows it already and is upset but understood that my family needed me , because they were pretty close with her family and our mothers were actually just about sisters "
" I get it , but Man I 'm gonna miss you " and by this I gave him a Man hug .
" Yes I am going to miss you to all of you, but I will come  visit you when you are back in the UK and now we just make the best five days of it ! "
We walked back to the others and walked to a roller coaster .
" I'm not going in that! Have fun with that I sit on the bench over there" Sanne said .
" No no you're coming " Louis said as he threw her over his shoulder .
" Louis put me down and no I do not ! " She hit with her ​​fists on his back . Instead, he ran with her to the roller coaster , and bought two tickets , then he walked by while Sanne still pounded on his back and sat down in a cart and placed her beside him , now she couldn't get out, we soon also bought our ticket and went behind them are divided: I and Zayn and Harry and Niall , the last two were still chuckle of the action of Louis and then the ride began .

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