My Birthday Wishes

My Dream Birthday is really vivid in my mind. I'd have tons of presents, everybody I know would remember it, they'd all say Happy Birthday to me. The list is endless. 20th September is sooo close yet so far! Excitement is nothing I can hide!


4. My 16 Wishes

1. I have an amazing party

2. Everyone around me is happy all the time

3. I get a present that I've always wanted

4. That my books are in paperback while I am 16

5. Nothing stops me from being happy

6. I can do what I like without being criticised

7. School becomes easier for me

8. My friends will get me awesome presents

9. My parents will not be mourning anymore

10. More than 10 people will say Happy Birthday to me on Facebook

11. I have a full day of happiness

12. I can be the centre of attention

13. The restaurant won't have too many people around

14. I can vlog the day

15. I can feel the birthday vibe for ages afterwards

16. I wish that everything will be right in my world. In every single area.

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